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Welcome to Seymour Island

from the television program Catalyst – The Antarctic Peninsula (PG)

This contemporary Polar expedition follows in the footsteps of Otto Nordenskjöld, the explorer who went to Antarctica over a hundred years ago to look for fossils which would connect Antarctica to South America and Australia.

Launching the lifeboat

from the documentary Endurance (PG)

This montage of still and moving images taken by Frank Hurley shows the launching of a lifeboat during the Antarctic expedition led by Ernest Shackleton in 1914-16. As indicated on the map, they hoped to …

First documentary

from the documentary Frank Hurley: The Man Who Made History (PG)

Frank Hurley filmed and photographed one of the first expeditions to the Antarctic in 1913. Mike Gray of the Fox Talbot Museum and Joanna Wright of the Royal Geographical Society comment on the significance of …

‘It just ain’t penguin’

from the feature film Happy Feet (G)

After a long winter, Memphis (voiced by Hugh Jackman) prays for the return of the sun. As the thaw begins, the Emperor penguin eggs hatch all over the colony – except for Memphis’s egg. Newborn …


from the documentary The Last Husky (G)

It’s minus 40 degrees in the Antarctic, as the husky dog team pull the sledge with two Australians aboard.

Emperor penguin rookery

from the documentary The Last Husky (G)

After being snowed in for five days the husky dog team pulls the sledge with two men aboard to observe the emperor penguin rookery in the Antarctic.

Heard Island

from the documentary The Ship That Shouldn't Have (PG)

A look at remote Heard Island south-west of Perth, near Antarctica. It has stunning scenery, including glaciers.

Sailing the high seas

from the documentary The Ship That Shouldn't Have (G)

A group of mountaineers and scientists take an old whaling vessel a record 850 miles in Antarctic waters to port using improvised sails.

Macquarie Island

from the documentary Siege of the South (G)

The expedition team head across Northeast Bay towards Macquarie Island in the Southern Ocean north of Antarctica. They head towards the island in a small boat and an attached ‘pram’. On the beach, the men …

Main Base, Commonwealth Bay

from the documentary Siege of the South (G)

After 20 years, the Discovery team return to Commonwealth Bay’s Cape Denison to find that the hut at Main Base is still standing. Frank Hurley recounts his memories over footage of the hut’s …

In the seaplane

from the documentary Siege of the South (G)

Heading westward along the Antarctic coastline from King George V land, the Discovery is held up by dense pack ice. The Gypsy Moth seaplane is launched to survey what lies ahead and report back its …

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