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Women and film

The following clips have teachers’ notes related to this topic:

Police Boys’ Club

from the newsreel Australia Today – Men of Tomorrow (G)

A young boy is taken to the Police Boys Club. Its aim, according to the narration, is to ‘keep boys off the streets’. It shows the boys working in the gym, boxing, and socialising in …


from the documentary Girl in a Mirror: A Portrait of Carol Jerrems (M)

Still photographer Carol Jerrems (1949-1980) documents her time in hospital with the terminal illness polycythemia.

Pitcairn boat-builders

from the feature film In the Wake of the Bounty (G)

The movie shifts abruptly from dramatised recreation of the mutiny to a travelogue about the Pitcairn Islands, where Charles and Elsa Chauvel explore the legacy of the mutineers. The boat-building skills, Chauvel’s narration tells …

Lux Radio Theatre

from the documentary It's Ruth: Ruth Cracknell, Actor (PG)

In interview, Ruth Cracknell recalls the making of a radio drama in front of a live audience. Historical footage from a 1948 Cinesound newsreel item of a live performance of the radio play ??The Grant …

King Oedipus

from the documentary It's Ruth: Ruth Cracknell, Actor (PG)

Interviewed in 1992, Ruth Cracknell reflects on her exploration of more dramatic roles and the opportunity to work with theatre director, Tyrone Guthrie. The clip intercuts historical footage of Cracknell rehearsing the part of Jocasta …

‘The Butchers of Invermay’

from the documentary Maidens (G)

Using still photographs, personal narration, quoted correspondence and music, the mid-20th century history of the maternal side of the filmmaker’s family is detailed.

A new sisterhood

from the documentary Maidens (G)

In a montage of footage from 1970s feminist films, interlaced by narration and music, the clip proposes the notion of a new sisterhood.

Shoved in front of a camera

from the television program Masterpiece Special – Judy Davis (PG)

When Judy Davis was chosen to play the lead in My Brilliant Career (1979), she was 23 and a recent graduate of NIDA. Under the gentle prompting of interviewer Andrea …

Aboriginal women in leadership

from the documentary Moodeitj Yorgas (G)

Laurel Winder talks about Gloria Brennan’s contribution to Aboriginal women’s rights. The women talk about the different treatment of Aboriginal men and Aboriginal women who take on roles of leadership to initiate change.

My place

from the documentary Moodeitj Yorgas (G)

Sally Morgan talks about writing the book My Place. Lois Olney talks about being adopted and raised as a middle class person. Helen Corbett, the Executive Officer for the Aboriginal Legal Service in Perth talks …

What was this pain about?

from the short feature My Life Without Steve (G)

Liz affirms her commitment to love, but vows never to repeat (or at least try never to repeat) the experience of loss she has felt after the end of the relationship with Steve. She quotes …

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