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Print media

The following clips have teachers’ notes related to this topic:

Taking on New York

from the television program Dynasties – The Murdochs (PG)

When Rupert Murdoch took over The New York Post he was already an institution in the UK and Australia. The former Mayor of New York, Ed Koch, reminisces about those times and how Rupert Murdoch …

‘Not a slaughter’

from the documentary Shadow Play (PG)

After gaining power by a coup in 1965, President Suharto authorised the murder of up to a million of his countrymen using the excuse that they were communist sympathisers. Journalists, Frank Palmos, Don North and …

Stereotyping at Fairfax

from the documentary The Sydney Morning Herald (PG)

This clip shows two men at Fairfax creating a block for a page of the Sydney Morning Herald, then making a matrix from the type with the use of a stereotyping technique.

Preparing the printing machine

from the documentary The Sydney Morning Herald (PG)

Workers at the Sydney Morning Herald in 1911 furnish one of the main printing machines in the pressroom with curved plates and large rolls of paper.

Folding mechanism of print machine

from the documentary The Sydney Morning Herald (PG)

The folding mechanism of the printing machine at the Sydney Morning Herald is shown in operation, and then a mechanical hoist transfers the papers to the publishing room.

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