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The media industry

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‘Rally for justice’

from the documentary Demons at Drivetime (PG)

In a publicity stunt engineered by the radio station, a Perth 'shock jock’ radio announcer, Howard Sattler, invited his audience to a rally outside Parliament in 1991 to protest against juvenile crime.

When Sattler is …

Chequebook journalism

from the documentary Fear or Favour (PG)

Current affairs presenter and journalist Mike Willesee comments on the ethics of paying for stories. The editor of the Australian Women’s Weekly, Nene King, has no ethical issues with chequebook journalism. Editor of the …

‘Not a career’

from the documentary Lizzy Gardiner's Story of the Fame Game (G)

Ashley Paske was a television serial star for a brief incandescent moment. Prompted by this popularity, he left for the UK to work in theatre. He returned to Oz but did not find work as …

‘Multiple personalities’

from the documentary Lizzy Gardiner's Story of the Fame Game (G)

Costume designer Lizzy Gardiner interviews the head of drama for the Seven Network, Jonathan Holmes, about the longevity of young soap stars. Gardiner also speaks to Isla Fisher about being a star of TV serials …

It’s all image

from the documentary Making Venus (M)

Emerging film producers Jason Gooden and Julian Saggers move into prestigious offices in the hope that they can finish and market their feature film. The film’s first director is invited to a screening of …

‘Not a slaughter’

from the documentary Shadow Play (PG)

After gaining power by a coup in 1965, President Suharto authorised the murder of up to a million of his countrymen using the excuse that they were communist sympathisers. Journalists, Frank Palmos, Don North and …

Sherry, olives and cocker spaniels

from the newsreel Tatler Social Newsreel: Social Party in South Yarra (G)

This clip shows a sherry party held by Melbourne socialite Jenny Faulkner, husband of Lou Connolly, at her home in South Yarra. The guests include a young shipping magnate, a German wool buyer, the wife …

What would you have done?

from the television program Winners – Top Kid (G)

Gary (Emil Minty) has been asked to cheat on the radio quiz show and asks Brother Kennedy (Joss McWilliam) and the Headmaster (Rhys McConnochie) for advice, but the brothers can’t give him a clear …

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