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On Our Selection

from the documentary The 1930s Golden Era of Australian Movies: A Tribute to Ken G Hall AO OBE (PG)

Filmmaker Ken G Hall tells how he was convinced by comedian Bert Bailey to make the feature film, On Our Selection (1932). He discusses the difficulties of production on a very limited budget, and recalls …

A baptism of fire

from the television program Australian Story – Absolute Beginner (PG)

Marg’s first placement with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) was in South Sudan where a terrible civil war had been raging for over 20 years. She was thrown into the work from the …

‘Make them feel inferior’

from the feature film Babe (G)

Babe (voiced by Christine Cavanaugh) is humiliated in his first attempt to control a pen of sheep. Fly (voiced by Miriam Margolyes) tells him that pigs are inferior, which he doesn’t believe. Rex (voiced …

‘You’re never gonna get out of this place’

from the feature film Beneath Clouds (PG)

Lena (Dannielle Hall) is sitting in a bus shelter. Her brother Liam (Mundurra Weldon) skids to a halt on his bike. Liam asks for money. A police car drives by. All eyes are on the …

Circumstances lead to a car accident

from the documentary Billal (PG)

Young Anglo-Australian Linc talks about how he was escaping from a potential attack when he accidentally ran down a young Australian-Lebanese man. He describes how, although he fears for his life, he sympathises with the …

‘Lousy, no-good bludgers’

from the feature film The Boys (PG)

Brett (David Wenham) provokes a fight with Jackie (Jeanette Cronin), Glenn’s girlfriend, as the police arrive at the front door. Sandra (Lynette Curran) tries to jolly her son along, then defends him against the …

The breakout

from the feature film Broken Sun (PG)

Kamimura (Kuni Hashimoto), the Japanese prisoner leading the outbreak, addresses his fellow prisoners and prepares them for the glory of imminent death. The men then begin their breakout in a brief sequence that quickly segues …

German mortar attack

from the feature film Broken Sun (PG)

In this flashback to the First World War, Jack (Jai Koutrae) cowers in his trench as a shell explodes, showering him with debris and dust and temporarily deafening him.

‘It has to be removed’

from the feature film Cactus (PG)

After she recovers from the car accident, an eye specialist tells Colo (Isabelle Huppert) that her left eye must be surgically removed if she is to retain any sight. She refuses the choice. At home …

Broken heart, unsound mind

from the documentary Case 442 (G)

In reconstruction, in an overgrown field, an Aboriginal woman staggers through the lofty vegetation before falling to the ground. Frank, in voice-over narration, tells us that his mother’s heart and spirit were broken, and …

Life’s expectations

from the documentary Colour Bars (PG)

An ethnic young man outlines his wishes for life: money, success in business and community respect.

Powerful gift

from the documentary Difficult Pleasure: A Portrait of Brett Whiteley (PG)

Australian artist Brett Whiteley says that he was born with a 'powerful gift’. Whiteley points out that many 'gifted people shipwreck’. He talks of his addiction to drugs and says it is a way of …

Into the history books

from the television program The Dismissal (PG)

In the panic and confusion of the Labor government’s sacking and the packing up and the frenzied shredding of documents, Gough Whitlam stands alone, a tragic figure, before all his friends and colleagues. He …

‘No thin-hipped women’

from the feature film Doing Time for Patsy Cline (G)

Ralph (Matt Day) is nervous as he prepares to leave his parents’ property in western Queensland, bound for Nashville. His father (Roy Billings) has to stiffen his resolve, and give him some good advice about …

The appeal

from the television program The Dunera Boys – Episode 2 (PG)

Mr Baum (Warren Mitchell) has become unhinged by the injustice of his internment. He’s harmless enough but he has made himself the camp spokesman and has approached the soldiers on duty in the tower …

‘Why do you play footy for?’

from the feature film Footy Legends (G)

Luc (Anh Do) and his sister Anne (Lisa Saggers) discuss football as they wait for the team’s first practice to start. Anne holds her pet tortoise, Britney, a gift from her brother. Luc gives …

Beyond belief

from the documentary Forbidden Lie$ (PG)

In interviews, two Jordanians – journalist Rana Husseini and Dr Amal A Sabbagh (experts on honour killings) – both dispute Khouri’s claims in the book and enumerate factual errors. Interwoven with these interviews are re-enactments, animations …

‘It’s not our bloody war’

from the feature film Gallipoli (PG)

Lost in the desert, on their way to join up, Archy (Mark Lee) and Frank (Mel Gibson) discuss politics, patriotism and the reasons for war.

No more favours

from the feature film Grievous Bodily Harm (PG)

Detective Sergeant Ray Birch (Bruno Lawrence) calls journalist Tom Stewart (Colin Friels) forward at the site of an armed siege. A three-time rapist called Les (Richard Carter) has a woman tied up in a warehouse …

‘It just ain’t penguin’

from the feature film Happy Feet (G)

After a long winter, Memphis (voiced by Hugh Jackman) prays for the return of the sun. As the thaw begins, the Emperor penguin eggs hatch all over the colony – except for Memphis’s egg. Newborn …

‘White gold of Australia’

from the feature film Heritage (G)

The great granddaughter of Biddy O’Shea has flown to the Northern Territory station run by Frank Morrison, great grandson of James, to talk about their future together, but they disagree about his ‘prehistoric’ views …

Home building and industry

from the sponsored film Home (G)

Large newly felled logs are transported to the timber mills where they are converted into useable wood to furnish the modern home. This is explained through a voice-over by the narrator of the film, a …

The lady from Shanghai

from the feature film The Home Song Stories (G)

Soon after Rose (Joan Chen) returns to live with ‘Uncle Bill’ in Melbourne, Bill goes back to sea for four months, leaving her in the house with his disapproving mother (Kerry Walker). Rose decides to …

‘The river spirits in a good mood’

from the feature film Jindabyne (M)

The four friends have secured the body in the river, to stop it floating away. The next day they catch more fish than they have ever caught on one of their fishing trips. The youngest …

‘Look at moy’

from the television program Kath and Kim – Money (PG)

Kim (Gina Riley), aka 'Hornbag,’ visits Brett (Peter Rowsthorn) at work in order to buy a modem from him. Back home, she fights with Sharon (Magda Szubanski) when Sharon wants a turn on the computer …

‘Are you going to hell?’

from the feature film Kenny (PG)

Kenny (Shane Jacobson) takes his son Jesse (Jesse Jacobson) to see his grandfather (Ronald Jacobson), at a trailer park outside Melbourne. On the way, Kenny explains to his son why he doesn’t believe in …

‘What did you say?’

from the feature film Lantana (PG)

Upset by a patient, psychiatrist Dr Valerie Somers (Barbara Hershey) attacks a stranger in the street, imagining she heard a remark. The stranger, Pete O’May (Glenn Robbins) seeks refuge in a pub, where he …

‘What holds your marriage together?’

from the feature film Lantana (PG)

Valerie has disappeared. Detective Zat (Anthony LaPaglia) suspects her husband John (Geoffrey Rush) of having an affair with one of her male patients, Patrick Phelan. John and Zat discuss marriage in a moment of truth.

A new life

from the television program The Leaving of Liverpool (PG)

An official visiting the orphanage in Liverpool invites the children to do their bit for the British Empire by putting themselves forward to begin a new life in Rhodesia, Australia or Canada.

‘Flame trees will blind the weary driver’

from the feature film Little Fish (M)

With his heroin supply dried up, Lionel goes into severe withdrawal and begs Tracy (Cate Blanchett) to buy him some heroin. She is appalled, but she does it, buying heroin on the street for the …

‘We’re no-one, we’re nobody’

from the feature film Little Fish (M)

Tracy (Cate Blanchett), her brother Ray (Martin Henderson) and her boyfriend Jonny (Dustin Nguyen) have driven from Sydney to an isolated farm, to buy a large amount of amphetamines. At the farm, they find Lionel …

Octopuses also enjoy fresh lobster

from the documentary Lobster Tales (PG)

An octopus discovers lobsters trapped in a lobster pot. When the fishers pull up the pot they discover a lobster has been eaten by the octopus.

‘What are my chances?’

from the feature film Look Both Ways (M)

Returning from her father’s funeral, Meryl (Justine Clarke) daydreams a series of disasters that might happen to the train she’s riding. In one, the train runs into a tunnel that collapses on top …

‘Nonna’s spy ring’

from the feature film Looking For Alibrandi (PG)

Josie (Pia Miranda) laments the lack of privacy in her life. Every afternoon she must visit her grandmother, Nonna Katia (Elena Cotta), where everything she does is already known, courtesy of Nonna’s network of …

‘I got off in Sunray’

from the feature film Love Serenade (PG)

Ken Sherry (George Shevtsov) gets personal with his listeners in Sunray, a small town on the Murray River. Dimity Hurley (Miranda Otto) stops under a roadside speaker to listen, trying to ignore a ute full …

The wrong place

from the feature film Lucky Miles (PG)

The six Iraqis and six Cambodians have swum ashore from the Indonesian fishing boat. The captain Muluk (Sawung Jabo) tells them to climb a sand dune and wait for a bus, but he knows there …


from the television program Message Stick – The Long-grassers (G)

Archival images of long-grassers are juxtaposed with contemporary images of homeless Aboriginal people. We also meet an Aboriginal man from Bathurst Island who, for his own reasons, lives as a long-grasser in Darwin.

‘Voices in the dark’

from the feature film Modern Love (PG)

John (Mark Constable) believes he has seen Tom (Don Barker), his dead uncle. He hides his thoughts from wife Emily (Victoria Hill), who begins to suspect something is wrong.

‘Mystery man’

from the television program More Winners – Mr Edmund (G)

Mrs Williams (Rhondda Findleton) tells her other boarders and her children, Cherry (Rebecca Smart) and Sam (Steven Scott-Young) that a new boarder is moving into the house. Later in the evening as Cherry is wearing …


from the feature film Moulin Rouge! (PG)

Satine (Nicole Kidman) tells Christian (Ewan McGregor) she cannot afford to fall in love. Christian believes that love is everything.

Tim Tams and tragedy

from the feature film Muriel's Wedding (M)

Muriel (Toni Collette) has run away to Sydney, where she shares a flat with Rhonda (Rachel Griffiths), her new best friend. A shy young man called Bruce (Matt Day) asks Muriel on a date, which …

‘There’s more to life than this’

from the feature film My Brilliant Career (G)

Sybylla Melvyn (Judy Davis) tells younger sister Gertie (Marion Shad) of her desire to escape a life of rural drudgery. Her frustrations increase when she’s sent to drag her father out of the pub.

‘You have a wildness of spirit’

from the feature film My Brilliant Career (G)

While staying with her well-to-do grandmother, Sybylla (Judy Davis) has a crisis about her looks. Her Aunt Helen (Wendy Hughes) tells her to stop looking in mirrors and tries to make her more feminine. Suitor …

‘I want to be a writer’

from the feature film My Brilliant Career (G)

Harry Beecham (Sam Neill) has waited two years for Sybylla (Judy Davis) to agree to marry. As drought grips the land again, he comes for an answer, but Sybylla explains why she cannot.

What was this pain about?

from the short feature My Life Without Steve (G)

Liz affirms her commitment to love, but vows never to repeat (or at least try never to repeat) the experience of loss she has felt after the end of the relationship with Steve. She quotes …

Nicaragua under attack

from the documentary Nicaragua: No Pasaran (PG)

Nicaragua is attacked at its borders by the Contras. They are backed by the USA, which claims that Nicaragua is supplying arms to leftist guerrillas in El Salvador. Tomás Borge, the Nicaraguan Minister for the …

‘The fate of a whole universe …’

from the television program Ocean Girl – Series 2, Episode 3 (G)

Neri (Marzena Godecki) is stunned when a hologram of her long-dead father (Robert Cooper) appears. He explains some of her history and how their mission was to watch over human colonisation of the sea. He …

‘Everyone has to do it, Alex’

from the short feature Only the Brave (M)

Alex (Elena Mandalis) comes to pick up Vicki (Dora Kaskanis) from home, after a big party the night before. Vicki’s father (George Harlem) tells his daughter to tie her hair back and close her …

Home dentistry for Dad Rudd

from the feature film On Our Selection (G)

Mrs Rudd (Alfreda Bevan) tries to welcome Mrs White (Dorothy Dunkley) to her humble home, but Dad Rudd (Bert Bailey) scares her away when he appears in his nightshirt. He is driven mad by toothache …

Painters and Dockers strike

from the documentary The Painters and Dockers Strike (G)

Over a ballad recounting the main events in the Painters and Dockers dispute, a montage of images sets the scene at the Garden Island docks. People with placards and signs enter an inner-city building.

In …

‘The right time and place’

from the feature film Picnic at Hanging Rock (PG)

Marion (Jane Vallis) tries to make sense of her changed perspective, as she looks down on the sleeping picnickers. Miranda (Anne Lambert) leads the girls higher, to the foot of a series of strange monoliths …

Betrayal in the park

from the feature film Proof (PG)

Andy (Russell Crowe) meets Celia (Geneviève Picot) at Martin’s house. She has not known of his existence in Martin’s life until just before this scene. She tells him that Martin is in the …

Capulets and Montagues

from the feature film Romeo + Juliet (PG)

A TV news reporter describes a bitter rivalry in the city of Verona Beach. Engaged in the deadly feud are Romeo’s Montague family and the Capulet family of Juliet.

A dangerous solution

from the feature film Romeo + Juliet (PG)

On the eve of her marriage to Dave Paris, Juliet (Claire Danes) becomes suicidal. Father Laurence (Pete Postlethwaite) proposes a radical solution that will allow her to avoid the marriage and reunite with Romeo.

‘Wake up, Mutti’

from the feature film Romulus, My Father (PG)

Raimond (Kodi Smit-McPhee) discovers that his mother Christina (Franka Potente) has taken an overdose. While his father Romulus (Eric Bana) rushes to get help, Raimond must try to keep his mother awake, so he tells …

For fear of it finishing

from the television program Seven Deadly Sins - Envy (M)

Kerry’s hard bitten mother, played superbly by Jacqy Phillips, doles out some advice born of bitter experience as she washes her daughter Kerry’s (Belinda McClory) hair. She is determined Kerry won’t have …

The lover

from the television program Seven Deadly Sins - Pride (PG)

Roger Pascoe (Colin Friels) is directing his wife (Elizabeth Alexander) and their actor friend and drama teacher (Linden Wilkinson) in the play by Strindberg The Stronger.

‘Only the fit survive’

from the feature film Shine (G)

David’s music teacher Mr Rosen (Nicholas Bell) pleads with Mr Helfgott (Armin Mueller-Stahl) to let David take up an offer of a music scholarship in America. Mr Helfgott has no money and does not …

‘Am I mad enough?’

from the feature film Shine (G)

David (Noah Taylor) is now a star student at the Royal College of Music in London, and one of the candidates for the Concerto Medal. He proposes performing Rachmaninoff’s 3rd Concerto for Piano for …

‘I’ve done bad things’

from the feature film Somersault (PG)

After an unhappy first night in Jindabyne Heidi (Abbie Cornish) returns to the pub during the day. Joe (Sam Worthington), who has seen her the night before, buys her a drink. That night, they begin …

‘Instituting some changes’

from the feature film Spotswood (PG)

Mr Wallace (Anthony Hopkins) takes Carey (Ben Mendelsohn) on as his offsider, in a study of employee efficiency. Carey jumps at the chance, because it means sharing a desk with the gorgeous Cheryl (Rebecca Rigg …

‘It’s about dignity’

from the feature film Spotswood (PG)

Mr Wallace (Anthony Hopkins) has told Mr Ball (Alwyn Kurts) that 60% of the workforce must be sacked, and his factory can’t compete with cheap Asian imports. Mr Ball offers a different view of …

‘I want to dance with you’

from the feature film Strictly Ballroom (PG)

Scott (Paul Mercurio) dances alone while Fran (Tara Morice) watches from a hidden vantage point. She tells him that she likes his rule-breaking style and wants to partner him at the Pan Pacific championships.


from the feature film Strictly Ballroom (PG)

At the Pan Pacific championships, Doug Hastings (Barry Otto) starts a handclap in support of son Scott (Paul Mercurio) and his partner Fran (Tara Morice). Scott and Fran give a thrilling exhibition of their rule-breaking …

Training underwater

from the documentary Submariners (PG)

Commanding officer Steve Hussey conducts training exercises on board the Collins-class submarine HMAS Rankin. During these exercises, a real emergency engulfs the crew when a leaky exhaust valve fills the area with smoke.

‘She’s sincerely talented’

from the feature film Sweetie (PG)

After his wife has walked out, Gordon (Jon Darling) arrives at Kay’s door, looking for help from his daughters. Sweetie (Geneviève Lemon) becomes anxious and self-conscious at the sight of him. Gordon later defends …

‘Mothers don’t give up their babies easily’

from the television program Touch the Sun – Princess Kate (G)

Kate visits a volunteer organisation to get help to locate her birth parents. Barry (Nick Enright) explains why there is so much secrecy around the details of adoption.

A very close friendship

from the feature film The Trespassers (PG)

Penny (Briony Behets) and Dee (Judy Morris) have gone to a house by the sea for a weekend alone but a succession of men passes through, including two men whose car has broken down. When …

‘You’ve got no right to object’

from the feature film The Trespassers (M)

Richard (John Derum) has arrived unannounced, and uninvited, at the house by the sea. He has not known until then of his wife’s new friendship with his lover. Neither woman gives him a warm …

‘One wrong decision’

from the feature film Two Hands (PG)

Desperate for a swim, Jimmy (Heath Ledger) buries an envelope containing $10,000 in the sand at Bondi beach. While he’s in the water, street kids Helen (Mariel McClorey) and Pete (Evan Sheaves) steal …

A passing evolutionary novelty

from the documentary When the Lights Go Out: Cockroaches, a Domestic History (PG)

Cockroaches have been on earth for 300 million years. Humankind may seem like a passing evolutionary novelty by comparison. Cockroaches are remarkable survivors being highly sensitive to smell and air movement.

‘No sign of intelligent life forms’

from the feature film Wolf Creek (PG)

The travellers stop for petrol at Emu Creek, after a long day’s drive from Broome. Ben (Nathan Phillips) records the events on video as the others freshen up. Kristy (Kestie Morassi) tells Ben that …

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