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Wokabout Marketing

from the documentary Advertising Missionaries (PG)

Andrew Rose is a marketing executive based in Port Moresby. He organises a troupe of actors who perform vignettes in remote villages to promote the purchase of Western goods. Omo, the washing powder, is demonstrated.

Bertie the Jet

from the advertisement Aeroplane Pure Fruit Jellies Advertisement: Bertie the Jet (G)

The 'Popularity Cup’ air race is contested between planes from all around the world, including the crowd favourite from Australia – Bertie the Jet. Broadcaster Ken Howard calls the race from his elevated podium. As the …


from the advertisement Australia Post – Animation (G)

This is an Australia Post television commercial (TVC) promoting the Faxpost and Lettergram service. Not strictly animation, the footage has been shot at low speed to create the impression of very high speed travel through …

Dear Cathy

from the advertisement Australia Post – Letter Writing Venice (G)

This is an Australia Post television commercial (TVC) advertising postage by airmail.


from the sponsored film Australia Post – News Release E-Post Electronic Mail (G)

This clip explains the procedure involved in the new E-Post service.

Corporate image

from the advertisement Australia Post – We Deliver 1 (G)

This is an Australia Post television commercial (TVC) promoting the organisation’s new corporate image.

‘The city of tomorrow’

from the advertisement Bushells Tea Advertisement: The World of the Future (G)

This animated colour cinema advertisement for Bushells tea starts with a map of the world and a voice-over that invites the viewer to 'the world of the future’. International travel is shown using fast planes …

Know your Melbourne

from the advertisement CE Miller & Co Cinema Advertisement: Know Your Melbourne (G)

This advertisement begins with shots of a number of identifiable locations and buildings in and around the heart of Melbourne’s city. An informative voice-over accompanies shots of the Yarra River, the Botanical Gardens and …

The electric Early Kooka stove

from the advertisement Electric Stove Cinema Advertisement: Banish Drudgery (G)

‘Mrs Sydney’ (Pat Firman) prepares an evening meal for her husband with her newly acquired electric range while a voice-over emphasises the stove’s economy and efficiency. At the end of the advertisement, she asks …

Meet the Squander Bug

from the advertisement First Victory Home Loan: Squander Bug (G)

This animated propaganda film from 1945 was used to persuade Australians to invest their savings in the national war chest. The Squander Bug, complete with a large stomach covered in swastikas, is told by Hitler …

‘What’s your favourite car, Australia?’

from the advertisement General Motors Holden – Football, Meat Pies, Kangaroos and Holden Cars (G)

The ad features a montage of Australian outdoor scenes including the beach, sporting events (yachting, golf, cricket and football), the Australian flag and native fauna. These are intercut with 1970s Holden models. The advertisement employs …

‘Holden’s got more horses’

from the advertisement General Motors Holden – Holden's Got More Horses (G)

A man walks out of a house and gets into his 1966 Holden HR sedan. We see a pack of galloping horses as the narrator describes the 'thundering power’ of the HR’s 145 horsepower …

‘Make it yours’

from the advertisement General Motors Holden – Make it Yours (G)

This advertisement for the 1968 Holden HK Premier, narrated in voice-over by John Laws, features young people and city life over the course of a day and evening. Beginning with shots of city buildings and …

‘The time is now and the car is Holden’

from the advertisement General Motors Holden – The Time is Now (G)

A woman lies on a beach, dreamily relaxing under her hat. A Holden HR sedan is parked on the sand nearby. The woman runs to the car, which is filmed from different angles to show …

Santa lands at Farm Cove

from the advertisement Here Comes Santa (G)

This clip from a silent, black-and-white cinema advertisement for Anthony Hordern & Sons shows Santa landing on Sydney Harbour by seaplane and being rowed ashore to Lady Macquarie’s Chair where he is welcomed by a …

Santa visits the hospital

from the advertisement Here Comes Santa (G)

This clip from a silent black-and-white cinema advertisement for Anthony Hordern & Sons shows Santa visiting the Royal Alexandra Hospital. Santa, accompanied by a young girl dressed as a fairy, arrives by horse-drawn carriage and waves …

The New Holden FE

from the advertisement Holden Car Cinema Advertisement: A New Star, the New Holden FE (G)

This clip shows the whole advertisement minus the opening and closing titles. A curtain parts to reveal the new model Holden FE on display on a turntable in a car showroom. As the car spins …

The touring talkies

from the advertisement Hoyts and Studebaker Cinema Advertisement: Touring Talkie Show (G)

A fleet of Studebaker sedans along with executives from Shell, Studebaker and Hoyts meet the ‘Talkie Truck’ as it pulls in to Melbourne. The executives shake hands with the sound technicians and engineers. The truck …

Hoyts talking pictures roadshow

from the advertisement Hoyts Cinemas: Talkies for Country Areas (G)

An intertitle invites viewers to 'see for a brief moment’ the sound equipment for talking pictures. Then a Hoyts Talking Pictures Roadshow sound unit truck is seen coming down the street. Two uniformed men open …


from the advertisement Lifesavers: Cryst-O-Mint Flavour (G)

This clip from a silent black-and-white cinema advertisement for Life Savers sweets shows a young woman dive into the surf, only to be rescued by a surf lifesaver. He lies her down and gives her …

Factory visit

from the advertisement Lifesavers: Cryst-O-Mint Flavour (G)

The villain tries to steal the formula for Life Savers sweets by convincing Betty to take him to her father’s Life Savers factory where she gives him a guided tour. In the meantime, Cudgy …

‘Bonza is tops, Bonza is ace!’

from the television program Lift Off – That's Not Fair – Part B (G)

Poss (Erin Pratten) is astonished when the spruikers from the ‘Bonza’ cereal TV advertisement come right out of the TV set and into the living room. They persuade Poss and her friend Kim (Maria Nguyen …

‘She’s always out’

from the advertisement Maxonol Gramophone: Buy a Good Gramophone and Keep Her at Home (PG)

This clip shows an entire Maxonol Gramophone cinema advertisement from 1925 in which a couple decide to buy a gramophone to keep their daughter at home. They visit the Maxonol demonstration room and buy a …

What you need to know

from the advertisement Metric Motoring (PG)

This is one of the two television advertisements produced to facilitate the change to metric on Australian roads in July 1974.

‘Persil dazzle’

from the advertisement Persil Washing Powder: Their Day (G)

In their bridal suite, a newly married couple on their honeymoon (Muriel Howard and Albert Chappelle), retell in song the story of how Persil Washing Powder brought them together and transformed a ‘drab and dreary …

Revolution by referendum

from the advertisement Revolution by Referendum: Political advertisement by Mr Costello (G)

In a series of takes and retakes, an unidentified man stands in front of a curtain and addresses the camera. He outlines his association’s vision for the wealth of the nation through the ‘abolition …

The wonders of Rinso

from the advertisement Rinso Washing Powder: A Bachelor Grey (G)

Henry is a bachelor who lives alone in a small apartment. He has a ‘lady help’ who does his cooking and cleaning but will not wash his clothes. Henry is a ‘natty dresser’. But because …

‘That’s the Rinso way’

from the advertisement Rinso Washing Powder: Easy Does It (G)

An opening credits sequence introducing the stars of Easy Does It is accompanied by a musical soundtrack. The first scene is at a grocery counter where a grocer (Dan Agar) attempts to sell a box …

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