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Law stick

from the documentary After Mabo (PG)

John Howard responds to the High Court’s decision on the native title of the Wik and Thayorre peoples in Wik Peoples v Queensland (1996) 141 ALR 129. News footage shows a …

Wave Hill walkout

from the documentary Blood Brothers – From Little Things Big Things Grow (PG)

Kevin Carmody and Paul Kelly discuss the song 'From Little Things Big Things Grow’. They also discuss the Wave Hill walkout, when the Gurindji people – led by Vincent Lingiari – went on strike to get their …

We Are Going

from the documentary Dreamtime, Machinetime (PG)

Aerial views of Minjerriba (Stradbroke Island), and Oodgeroo Noonuccal (Kath Walker) walking along the beach with children. Oodgeroo tells us the inspiration for her poetry, and its role in personal and political resistance to white …

In the beginning

from the documentary The Foundation 1963–1977 (PG)

The main characters are introduced: Joyce Clague, Gary Foley, and Chicka Dixon – all were present and instrumental in the creation of The Foundation.

Blair’s marriage

from the documentary Harold (PG)

Dorothy Blair recalls how she met and fell in love with Harold. Mixed race marriage was unusual in the 1950s and both families objected. Dorothy’s sister Florence Trevail expresses her views on the marriage …

‘Send a petition to the King’

from the documentary Lousy Little Sixpence (PG)

The clip begins with historical footage of King Burraga who speaks about equal rights and justice for Aboriginal people. William Cooper, an Aboriginal elder, begins the fight for rights by having a petition signed, with …

The march

from the documentary Minymaku Way: There's Only One Women's Council (PG)

A four-wheel drive makes its way down a stretch of road at Curtin Springs. The women are discussing the alcohol-related fatalities that have occurred here. They reminisce about the 1990 march against the sale of …

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