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Painting the Dreamtime

from the documentary Art From the Heart (G)

Adrian Newstead, director of the Coo-ee Gallery in Sydney hopes that the art works will develop with the young Aboriginal painters and last forever. Aboriginal artist, Barbara Weir, says that she is painting to record …


from the documentary Benny and the Dreamers (G)

Benny Tjapaltarri and Mick Ngamurarri tell us the significance of the Dreaming, and how the Dreaming ancestors created the landscape.

The land is sad

from the documentary Blood Brothers – Jardiwarnpa (PG)

A sweeping aerial view of mountains jutting out of the flat desert-scape. A song of the area plays out in subtitles over the image. An elder tells us about the sacred Ancestor of this area …

‘You can’t take my photograph’

from the feature film Crocodile Dundee (PG)

At a bush camp, Sue Charlton (Linda Kozlowski) is at first spooked by the quiet arrival of an Aboriginal man in face paint. Mick (Paul Hogan) introduces Neville, a 'real city-boy’, and then goes with …


from the television program Message Stick – Kurtal: Snake Spirit (G)

Wangkatjungka elder Spider sits with the children and shows them how Kurtal became a serpent. Spider then leads a convoy to the jila (living waterhole) where Kurtal slumbers, taking his family to meet their ancestor …


from the television program Message Stick – Scotty Martin, Rodeo Boy, Don’t Say Sorry (G)

Scotty Martin shows us rock paintings of Wandjina, the ancestor who – in Scotty’s culture – is the being who created the world, giving Aborigines culture and law. Or, as Scotty puts it, 'the boss’.

‘A big book’

from the documentary Mparntwe Sacred Sites (G)

Sweeping aerial views show Mparntwe (Alice Springs). Voice-over narration tells us that the landscape of Mparntwe was created by ancestral beings as they travelled through the country. Elder Max Stuart explains the principles of the …

My father’s country

from the documentary Sunset to Sunrise (ingwartentyele – arrerlkeme) (G)

Arrernte Mat-utjarra Elder Rupert Max Stuart’s voice runs over the image of the unfolding night in a riverbed outside of Alice Springs. Max tells us he’s come home. He’s 77 years old …

This is the Dreaming

from the documentary Sunset to Sunrise (ingwartentyele – arrerlkeme) (G)

Arrernte Mat-utjarra Elder Rupert Max Stuart sits by the fire, telling his descendents a yarn about the Dreaming. Max has a grandfather from the Lurritja side, and a grandfather from the Arrernte side, and says …

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