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Boer War Transvaal contingent

from the historical Boer War Transvaal Contingent (PG)

This actuality footage was taken by the official photographer of the Queensland Department of Agriculture, Frederick Charles Wills, and his assistant, Henry William Mobsby in 1899. Crowds line the streets to watch the First Queensland …

‘Victoria the golden’

from the television program Peach's Gold – Eureka (PG)

When gold was discovered in Victoria in 1851, the rush to those goldfields eclipsed the rush to California for the gold rush in 1849. With so many people from all over the world, the diggings …

Taxing the diggers

from the television program Peach's Gold – Eureka (PG)

Bill Peach tells the story of the diggers’ frustrations that led eventually to the Eureka Stockade. The police, called Traps, would harry the hard-working miners, demanding to sight their mining licences and menacing them at …

Gold tax

from the documentary Riot or Revolution (PG)

In Victoria in the 1850s the introduction of a gold license was extremely unpopular. Although many diggers wanted it abolished immediately, the question of the license could not be separated from more complex questions about …

Beginnings of Eureka

from the documentary Riot or Revolution (PG)

Drawings and archival photographs depict the events that lead to the battle between gold miners and authorities at the Eureka Stockade. It describes the emergence of Peter Lalor as the leader of the Stockade and …

Bernard Holtermann

from the documentary Some of Many: Germans in Australia (G)

Bernard Holtermann was a German migrant who arrived in Australia in 1858. In 1882 Holtermann found the largest gold nugget unearthed in the world at the time. He used his newly found riches to set …

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