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Amy Johnson arrives in Brisbane

from the newsreel The Arrival of Miss Amy Johnson in Brisbane (G)

A title card announces the arrival of Amy Johnson in Brisbane after her ‘wonderful flight from England’. As crowds wait for her arrival, and crowds are shown arriving in cars, there is a shot of …

A seaplane circles a continent

from the newsreel Australasian Gazette – A Seaplane Circles a Continent (PG)

This silent newsreel shows the triumphant arrival of aviators Wing Commander SJ Goble and Officer IE McIntyre at St Kilda, Melbourne, in their RAAF Fairey 111D seaplane after completing the first aerial circumnavigation of Australia …

Captain Cook’s cottage

from the documentary Captain Cook's Cottage (G)

Speaking to camera, Mr Russell Grimwade explains the purchase of Captain Cook’s cottage for the people of Victoria and the erection of a monument in its place at Great Ayton, Yorkshire, England to appease …

Welcome to Seymour Island

from the television program Catalyst – The Antarctic Peninsula (PG)

This contemporary Polar expedition follows in the footsteps of Otto Nordenskjöld, the explorer who went to Antarctica over a hundred years ago to look for fossils which would connect Antarctica to South America and Australia.

Signs of life

from the documentary The Changing Face of Australia (G)

In 1946 on the low hill plains west of the Flinders Ranges, geologist Reg Sprigg made one of the most important fossil discoveries of the century. As he retraces his steps back across a hillside …

Launching the lifeboat

from the documentary Endurance (PG)

This montage of still and moving images taken by Frank Hurley shows the launching of a lifeboat during the Antarctic expedition led by Ernest Shackleton in 1914-16. As indicated on the map, they hoped to …

Mr Christian’s mutiny

from the feature film In the Wake of the Bounty (PG)

Fletcher Christian (Errol Flynn) sends Edward Young (John Warwick) to break out the arms, as his men seize the captain, Lieutenant Bligh (Mayne Lynton) from his bed. In a flash forward, an old fiddler (Victor …

Opening up the west

from the television program The Land That Waited (G)

Graphics, paintings and voice-over tell the story of why it took 30 years for the settlers of New South Wales to cross the Blue Mountains and gain access to the fabulous pasture lands beyond. It …

Endeavour journal

from the documentary National Treasures – Endeavour Journal (PG)

Written on board the Endeavour during his trip down under in 1770, James Cook’s journal records the beginning of Australia as we know it today.

Setting up camp

from the documentary The Official Film of the Mawson Antarctic Expedition (PG)

This piece of documentary footage, taken on Mawson’s Antarctic expedition between 1911 and 1913, shows Lieutenant Belgrave Ninnis and Dr Xavier Mertz setting up their tent. Another shot shows them lying in their reindeer …

The great unknown

from the television program Peach's Explorers – The Prison Walls (G)

As the navigators gaze on the arid coastline of this great south land, they dream about what might be beyond the forbidding cliffs. Was there a great inland sea, or a passage for ships to …

The last big push

from the television program Peach's Explorers – The Prison Walls (G)

With great bushcraft and sheer determination, this private expedition, mounted solely by the pastoralists themselves and not underwritten by the Governor of the Colony, at last found a way through the immense barrier of The …

Macquarie Island

from the documentary Siege of the South (G)

The expedition team head across Northeast Bay towards Macquarie Island in the Southern Ocean north of Antarctica. They head towards the island in a small boat and an attached ‘pram’. On the beach, the men …

Main Base, Commonwealth Bay

from the documentary Siege of the South (G)

After 20 years, the Discovery team return to Commonwealth Bay’s Cape Denison to find that the hut at Main Base is still standing. Frank Hurley recounts his memories over footage of the hut’s …

In the seaplane

from the documentary Siege of the South (G)

Heading westward along the Antarctic coastline from King George V land, the Discovery is held up by dense pack ice. The Gypsy Moth seaplane is launched to survey what lies ahead and report back its …

Billy Hughes saves a life

from the feature film Smithy (G)

Just after the First World War, Charles Kingsford Smith (Ron Randell) secures the backing of the Blackburn Aviation Co for his entry to the inaugural England to Australia Air Race, but he is dismayed when …

‘They can see Australia!’

from the feature film Smithy (G)

Kingsford Smith and co-pilot Charles Ulm (John Tate) are nearing the Australian coastline, after a history-making flight across the Pacific from San Francisco. A violent storm has engulfed their plane, the converted Fokker now known …

‘One of the most fantastic flights ever made’

from the feature film Smithy (G)

After mechanical failure stops them from taking part in the Centenary Air Race from Australia to Britain, Kingsford Smith (Ron Randell) and PG Taylor (playing himself) decide to attempt the Pacific crossing to the US …

‘A real lost world’

from the documentary Terrible Lizards of Oz (G)

In 1903 geologist William Ferguson found the claw of a carnivorous dinosaur while searching for coal in south-eastern Australia.

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