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Power of the atom

from the documentary Backs to the Blast, an Australian Nuclear Story (PG)

In the mid 1950s above ground atomic tests are carried out in South Australia. The bomb is dropped by aircraft and the blast is seen. Various people recall the tests including RAAF driver Ric Johnston …

US military in Philippines

from the documentary Dirty War (PG)

The US Clark Air Base in the Philippines was vacated after 45 years. A US army study found the area was polluted by solvents, acids, petrol and other toxic substances. Harry Kelso, environmental attorney and …

Allergic to the 20th century

from the documentary Final Insult (PG)

Eve has an allergic response to insecticides, cleaning agents and preserved small goods. Diana reacts badly to the chemicals in newsprint. Michael has an adverse response to the chemicals in tap water.

‘Clean, green and healthier’

from the television program Landline - Ethanol Special 2006 (PG)

Vehicle exhaust emissions are responsible for increased deaths from asthma, heart disease and lung cancer due to all the toxins in petrol and diesel, according to Professor Ray Kearney, a vocal supporter of biofuels. He …

Somewhere special

from the documentary Living Country (G)

Alison Anderson MLA Member for MacDonnell addresses a protest rally about standing up to the federal government and their intention to dump nuclear waste in the region. People march in peaceful protest. David Sweeney of …

Honey ant

from the documentary Living Country (G)

A group of women sitting on the ground digging with digging sticks. One of the women speaks about how the poison that will be dumped by the government will destroy their bush foods – honey ants …

‘Turning the neighbourhood into a tip!’

from the television program Snobs – Episode 8 (G)

The local rubbish collection is a bonanza for the recycling ‘ferals’ Marian (Ross Pirrelli) and Spike (Matthew Waters) but it’s too much for Rachael Oakley (Nathy Gaffney) who complains to the local council. The …

Trains in Australia’s development

from the documentary Track Record: The Story of Australia's Railways - Tethered to the World (G)

Trains played a major part in Australia’s economic and social development. Development followed the railway line and exports boomed.

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