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The mine in the jungle

from the television program Australian Walkabout (PG)

The Chauvels have gained entrance to one of the well-guarded secrets of 1950s Australia: Rum Jungle, a uranium mine said to be the richest in the world.

Uranium supply a moral obligation

from the documentary Backs to the Blast, an Australian Nuclear Story (PG)

The then South Australian Minister for Mines and Energy, Roger Goldsworthy, says that Australia has a moral obligation to supply energy to the world. Arthur Baillie, a barman from Radium Hill, recalls the days of …

‘The Aboriginal problem’

from the documentary Couldn't Be Fairer (PG)

Talking head newscast discussing the 'Aboriginal problem’. In this instance, Lang Hancock offers sterilisation as a solution to 'the problem’.

The discovery

from the television program Dig A Million, Make A Million (G)

Pastoralist and prospector Lang Hancock retraces his route by air and on foot to explain how he made his great discovery of a mountain of iron ore at Mount Tom Price in Western Australia.

Bougainville battlers

from the documentary An Evergreen Island (PG)

The clip describes the extent of the damage from 17 years of toxic waste and pollution from the copper mine, and how the people of Bougainville Island said 'no more’. As the customary owners of …

A family tragedy

from the television program Four Corners – Blue Death (PG)

Valerie Doyle grew up in Wittenoom. She shows reporter Paul Barry her family album from those times. Asbestos-related diseases have ravaged her family. They lived and married and had children in Wittenoom and never once …

It could have been avoided

from the television program Four Corners – Blue Death (PG)

Professor Eric Saint first came to the Wittenoom blue asbestos mine with the Flying Doctor service. He was horrified at what he saw and tried over many years to raise the alarm.

The mining footprint

from the television program In the Wild with Harry Butler – Scars on the Landscape (G)

Mount Isa Mines, situated in the north-west of Queensland, is working to keep the deadly sulfur dioxide out of the township of Mt Isa. Detectors have been set up around its perimeters. Further away, there …

Tasmania’s natural landscape

from the sponsored film Isle of Many Waters (G)

A view from onboard the rack railroad follows the path of the King River Gorge through canyons, waters and forested slopes. Travelling through Tasmania’s west coast by launch down the Gordon River, cinematographer Frank …

Safe uranium mining

from the documentary Jabiluka (G)

We see the location of the proposed mine, and a description of the proposed new road, followed by shots of demonstrators against the mine. Phillip Shirvington, CEO of Energy Resources of Australia, the mining company …

‘Had a car’

from the documentary The Old Man and the Inland Sea (G)

Behind the wheel driving through the mining fields, Norman tells us that they used to get into his old Landrover to hunt kangaroo for meat, sometimes hitting the animal with the car. They would take …

‘I’m telling you the law’

from the documentary The Old Man and the Inland Sea (G)

Walking through the mining fields, Norman tells us how the old people used to work the fields, but the young people don’t work anymore, and drink too much grog. Norman says that white people …

Where to dig

from the documentary Opal Fever (PG)

Coober Pedy opal miners George and Judy Aslamatzis decide where to start digging guided by Judy’s instinct. The drilling machine strikes rock so George sets explosives to break up the rock.

Opal expertise

from the documentary Opal Fever (G)

Opal miner Mark Jackson takes his opal find to his father Stuart, who is a licensed valuer and opal cutter. Cutting and polishing rough stones can increase or decrease their value.

Jobs versus environment

from the documentary Shoalwater: Up For Grabs (PG)

Local businessman Steve Bishopric, boating down a river with Peter Garrett, suggests ecotourism as a solution.

‘For the whole of Australia’

from the documentary Trespass (G)

Yvonne Margarula speaks about the impact of the negotiations on the Elders, and how many of them were worn down by having to continually defend their point of view.

Uranium blockade

from the documentary Walking Through a Minefield (G)

Anti-uranium mining protestors block the road access to Jabiluka in the Northern Territory. The mining company issues trespass notices and the NT police clear the road, making several arrests.

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