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A seaplane circles a continent

from the newsreel Australasian Gazette – A Seaplane Circles a Continent (PG)

This silent newsreel shows the triumphant arrival of aviators Wing Commander SJ Goble and Officer IE McIntyre at St Kilda, Melbourne, in their RAAF Fairey 111D seaplane after completing the first aerial circumnavigation of Australia …

Just like 3,000 years ago

from the television program A Big Country – The Challenge of Lake Eyre (G)

John’s passion for Lake Eyre is obvious as he describes the privilege he and his wife experienced in seeing Lake Eyre full for the first time in 500 years.

Yaks in Tibet

from the documentary China, the Long March (PG)

Tibetan graziers move their families and yaks 30 to 40 kilometres for fresh feeding lands. They pay no taxes but support the local school teacher.

Making it to the top

from the documentary The Ice Capped Jungle (PG)

A group of climbers finally makes it to the top of a remote mountain in Irian Jaya. They are expedition leader Lincoln Hall, biologist Geoff Hope, Dutch Indonesian Rini Sulaiman, and filmmakers Chris Hilton and …

Never Never Country

from the documentary Last Mail from Birdsville: The Story of Tom Kruse (G)

From 1936 Tom Kruse delivered mail and stores to outback properties along the remote Birdsville Track. In 1998, after 10 years of restoration of a Leyland Badger, Tom made one last run. Dave Burge, the …

The Shell Touring Service

from the sponsored film Let's Go (G)

A couple, about to embark on a holiday, are not quite sure which route to take. A friendly voice-over points out that ‘motoring isn’t just a matter of having a car or a truck …

An ancient land

from the television program Peach's Australia – Flinders Ranges (G)

Bill Peach takes us for a meander through the Flinders Ranges of South Australia. Along the way, we learn that the white squatters who settled the area in 1851 welcomed the artist Hans Heysen to …

Magnetic Island

from the documentary Round About Townsville (G)

An intertitle describing Magnetic Island – only six miles from Townsville – introduces sepia-tinted images of passengers on board the daily service from Townsville. Another title card explaining Magnetic Island’s beaches and picturesque thatched roofed bungalows …

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