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Endangered species

The following clips have teachers’ notes related to this topic:

Hunting shark

from the newsreel Australia Today – Man-Eater (G)

This clip shows Coogee Beach, protected by a shark-proof enclosure; a man going out hunting for sharks; and a larger trawler which puts forward the ‘fight against the ever present menace of sharks’.

The hunt

from the documentary Dugong Dugong (PG)

Two brothers take to the water in a small boat. They crash through the ocean in search of the dugong.

Japan’s taste for whale

from the documentary The Last Whale (PG)

At the Tokyo Fish Market, whale meat sells for US$330 per kilo. If the whale meat is unavailable will they buy more tuna and shark? Japanese people feel that the world’s media is …

Whale species

from the documentary The Last Whale (PG)

Whale biologist, Vassili Papastavrou, explains the variety of whale species. He highlights whale intelligence and the danger of harvesting even the minke whale.

That bizarre creature, the platypus

from the television program Nature of Australia – A Separate Creation (G)

The platypus up close and very personal; this bizarre creature, which is neither mammal nor marsupial, seemed to be 'a hoax sewn together from the parts of other creatures’, as the early settlers explained it …

Baby numbats

from the documentary Numbats (G)

Dr Tony Friend fits radio collars to numbats in Western Australia to monitor their lives. The clip follows the life of a mother and four babies. After birth the babies cling to their mother’s …

Environmental impacts

from the documentary Port Botany: A Planning Dilemma (G)

Bird lover and ornithologist John Waugh talks about the abundance of birdlife in the Towra wetland area of Botany Bay. Bernie Clarke from the Botany Bay Planning and Protection Council talks about the impact of …


from the historical Tasmanian Tiger Footage (G)

This clip captures images of the Tasmanian tiger, alone in its enclosure at Beaumaris Zoo in Hobart. The thylacine is shown in close-up investigating the camera, pacing up and down its small cage, yawning, lying …

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