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‘The Americans are coming’

from the documentary Dirty War (PG)

The US forces are to use Shoalwater Bay in central Queensland for a training base. Military officials say they are concerned about the environment and acting responsibly. Some locals are concerned about the pollution possibilities …

Australian wilderness

from the documentary The Franklin Wild River (PG)

Bob Brown paddles along the tranquil final stretches of the Franklin River. This is as it must have looked even before the first Europeans arrived in Tasmania.

The rat’s tale

from the documentary Jewel of the Pacific (PG)

Rat tails bring a reward of sixpence each (equivalent to about $5 today) and Lord Howe Island locals join the hunt for the pests. Two women take their three fox terriers to smoke out a …

Forest justification

from the documentary Loggerheads (PG)

Environmentalist Bill Mollison explains the value and purpose of forest.

The dead heart

from the television program Nature of Australia – The Sunburnt Country (G)

The great expanse of salt that is Lake Eyre sits 15 metres below sea level with temperatures that can soar to 60 degrees Celsius. For the most part, the Lake Eyre dragons – and the ants …

Unprotected forests in danger

from the documentary Paper Trail, the Life and Times of a Woodchip (G)

Over footage of a beautiful old growth forest, narrator Noni Hazlehurst explains that, at the current rate of deforestation, Australia’s unprotected forests could no longer exist in 250 years’ time. The forest’s native …

Jobs versus environment

from the documentary Shoalwater: Up For Grabs (PG)

Local businessman Steve Bishopric, boating down a river with Peter Garrett, suggests ecotourism as a solution.

Clearing methods invited bushfire

from the sponsored film Snowy Hydro – Conservation in the Snowy Mountains (PG)

The clip shows how the process of regular and repeated burning and clearing in the Snowy Mountains had caused a series of disastrous environmental events, leading inevitably to large tracts of unproductive land.

The dreams of our pioneers

from the sponsored film Snowy Hydro – Operation Adaminaby (PG)

As the Eucumbene Dam (then called Adaminaby Dam) nears completion, the final building arrives at the new Adaminaby, and the waters of the new Lake Eucumbene begin to rise.

Talbingo Dam site is cleared

from the sponsored film Snowy Hydro - Snowy 69 (PG)

Shows the cycle of drilling, firing and hauling of materials in the construction of Talbingo Reservoir on the Snowy Mountains Scheme.


from the documentary A Voice for the Wilderness (G)

A montage of rainforest wilderness is accompanied by an essay in voice-over extolling the value of rainforest to humankind, including that it is the place to experience nature and regeneration.

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