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The Black Sunday bushfires

from the documentary Black Sunday (G)

This clip opens with a title setting the context of the ‘Black Sunday’ bushfires and announces it has been produced for use in connection with the bushfire relief fund. Smoke and fire can be seen …

Growing up Aboriginal

from the documentary Bran Nue Dae (G)

Actor Stephen Albert and writer Jimmy Chi, the author of the musical play Bran Nue Dae, talk about childhood, education and identity, intercut with one of the musical numbers from the production, historical footage and …

Helicopter fly-by

from the home movie Bushnell, K: Cyclone Tracy Aftermath (G)

A convoy of six navy helicopters from the HMAS Melbourne aircraft carrier pass across the Darwin skyline. Workers continue to temporarily fix roofing as they watch the convoy fly by. A number of concrete buildings …

The 2003 Canberra bushfires

from the home movie Dimpel, Konrad: Burned Out Fields Around My Walking Ways (G)

Dimpel’s camera has captured the grim red circle of the sun masked by thick bushfire smoke and the landscape cast in an eerie deep orange. The fire creeps down Farrer Ridge towards the Dimpel …

Flood and drought

from the documentary The Forerunner (PG)

The aftermath of the Maitland floods reveals the death, destruction the disaster has left behind. Collapsed houses, destroyed cars and dead animals are amongst the mud and debris. As the clean-up effort commences, a piano …

Wading through the floods

from the home movie Maitland Floods (G)

Residents outside their homes wade knee-deep in water. Front lawns have disappeared completely, and houses are quickly engulfed. Water is seeping through the sand bags in place to hold back the flooding banks of the …

The muddy aftermath

from the home movie Maitland Floods (G)

In the aftermath of the floods, the water levels recede to reveal the muddy debris left behind. The extent of structural damage to the town is shown in the scenes of collapsed houses and bridges.

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