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Youth culture

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Young people and the Drop-In

from the documentary Addison Road Drop-In (PG)

A member of the Addison Road Drop-In provides an on-the-spot commentary on a parking policeman or 'brown bomber’ booking a motorist on Marrickville Road.

Inside the recreation room at the centre, the young men play …

‘Place of thunder’

from the documentary Bra Boys (PG)

This clip uses voice-over narration by Russell Crowe and a montage of etchings, drawings, photographs and video footage to chronicle the complex social and cultural history of the Maroubra area. It begins by describing first …

‘We’re keeping him’

from the feature film The Cars That Ate Paris (PG)

After his brother is killed in a car accident outside the small town of Paris, Arthur (Terry Camilleri) meets Len (John Meillon), the mayor, who leads the funeral procession. At a council meeting afterwards, the …

Life’s expectations

from the documentary Colour Bars (PG)

An ethnic young man outlines his wishes for life: money, success in business and community respect.

‘Rally for justice’

from the documentary Demons at Drivetime (PG)

In a publicity stunt engineered by the radio station, a Perth 'shock jock’ radio announcer, Howard Sattler, invited his audience to a rally outside Parliament in 1991 to protest against juvenile crime.

When Sattler is …

‘Brussels sprouts’

from the documentary Girl in a Mirror: A Portrait of Carol Jerrems (PG)

Still photographer Carol Jerrems made a short film in 1975 featuring 15-year-old schoolboys from Heidelberg Tech. Most of them had been expelled and, in Carol’s words, preferred ‘bashing, beer, sheilas, gang bangs, gang fights …

A 1950s ‘costumed crime fighter’

from the television program Legacy of the Silver Shadow – The Feral Element (G)

When they meet The Silver Shadow (Tayler Kane) for the first time, Josh (Alex Hopkins), Alex (Hannah Greenwood), Campbell (Aljin Abella), and Gretel (Sage Butler) find his being a 1950s superhero funny and old-fashioned. He …

About this superhero thing – we’re in!

from the television program Legacy of the Silver Shadow – The Feral Element (G)

When they accept the task to take on the legacy of The Silver Shadow to save the world, Josh (Alex Hopkins), Alex (Hannah Greenwood), Campbell (Aljin Abella), and Gretel (Sage Butler) also agree to live …

‘Will you go out with me?’

from the feature film Puberty Blues (PG)

Debbie (Nell Schofield) and Sue (Jad Capelja) have been accepted by the surfie chicks. They are invited to ‘the paddock’ after school, where Tracey (Sandy Paul) introduces Debbie to a boy she says likes her …

Teen smoking

from the documentary Rites of Passage (PG)

Rebellious teenagers smoke to annoy their parents. A mother and daughter discuss why the girl ran away from home.

I have seen it all

from the documentary Sammy Butcher, Out of the Shadows (G)

A teenage band put together by Sammy Butcher performs for an audience. Sammy talks about the kind of songs he and the children write together, and one song ‘Ngayulu Nyangu’ which means I have seen …

When the fun stops

from the television program What's Your Poison? – Ecstasy (PG)

There is a down side to taking ecstasy when it is mixed with other drugs, usually alcohol. In a large Sydney hospital on a weekend night, a young man is brought in with a psychotic …

School bullies

from the feature film The Year My Voice Broke (PG)

Danny (Noah Taylor) gets a dunking from classmates for writing secret love poetry; Trevor (Ben Mendelsohn) rescues him and wins favour from his love interest, Freya (Loene Carmen).

Hypnosis on the hill

from the feature film The Year My Voice Broke (PG)

In their secret place on the hill, Danny (Noah Taylor) offers to hypnotise Freya (Loene Carmen) to help her stop smoking – but he has something else on his mind as well.

The lonely pleasures of a country dance

from the feature film The Year My Voice Broke (PG)

He’s alone, she’s alone, everyone’s alone at the mid-year dance, a cheerless gathering for all concerned. Danny (Noah Taylor) makes a statement with his outfit, a little bit Marlon Brando, a little …

Three friends reunited

from the feature film Yolngu Boy (PG)

Lorrpu (John Sebastian Pilakui) dreams of when he and his friends were initiated, as Botj (Sean Mununggur) arrives back from three months in jail. Their friend Milika (Nathan Daniels) is a young football star, but …

Petrol sniffing

from the feature film Yolngu Boy (M)

Botj (Sean Mununggurr) sniffs petrol after fighting with his friends Lorrpu and Milika. He trashes the women’s community centre, concentrating his anger on the paintings of the Yolngu’s totem animal, the crocodile. He …

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