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Urban life

The following clips have teachers’ notes related to this topic:

‘Have you ever met an Aborigine?’

from the documentary Blood Brothers – Freedom Ride (PG)

Black-and-white historical interview footage gets the response of white folk to Aborigines. The footage, shot on city streets, and in homes of white folk, reveals how Aborigines are viewed by the others.

The Great Depression

from the feature film Caddie (PG)

With the country in the grip of the Depression, Caddie (Helen Morse) has to be smarter and quicker than everyone else if she wants to secure a job. She rises before dawn to read the …

‘Mind the curve’

from the documentary Commuting by Cable (PG)

In 1885 Melbourne introduced the cable tram for citizens to commute. The clip includes shots of children and adults in and on horse-drawn vehicles, bicycles and a steam-hauled train. We also shots of a steam …

Two Aussie families

from the television program Eco House Challenge – Episode 1, Stop Your Gassing (G)

Both families are introduced in this pre-title sequence so that we can begin to empathise, while the eco coach and the moderator explain the ground rules of the challenge.

Backyard play

from the home movie Farey: Opening of Sydney Harbour Bridge (PG)

This simple home movie clip taken by Leslie Francis Farey from 1932 shows us children candidly playing in a suburban backyard in Melbourne. Three children play with a pram, doll and tin drum. The youngest …

Footscray street scenes

from the historical Footscray 1971 (G)

Pans and high-angle shots capture the streets, buildings, shopfronts and signs of the inner-west Melbourne suburb of Footscray in 1971. A Ferris wheel is operating in the Nicholson Street Mall and crowds gather for a …

There’s no place like home

from the sponsored film Home (G)

The workmen, who live in shanty-style houses, also have dreams for a better home. As a child sits and draws a picture of a house, her picture is transformed (by a dissolve) into an architect …

The housing problem in Victoria

from the sponsored film A Home of their Own (G)

An aerial shot of high density inner city housing is followed by a street level shot of children playing outside in the alleys. A young couple – Ted and Mary – walk towards their family home. Inside …

Businesses and street life, Hawthorn

from the historical Living Hawthorn (G)

In a series of panning shots, the camera films the businesses, workers and daily life in Burwood Road, West Hawthorn. Businesses shown include a farrier, an estate agent, a chemist, a glassware shop and a …

‘Mystery man’

from the television program More Winners – Mr Edmund (G)

Mrs Williams (Rhondda Findleton) tells her other boarders and her children, Cherry (Rebecca Smart) and Sam (Steven Scott-Young) that a new boarder is moving into the house. Later in the evening as Cherry is wearing …

The dreams of our pioneers

from the sponsored film Snowy Hydro – Operation Adaminaby (PG)

As the Eucumbene Dam (then called Adaminaby Dam) nears completion, the final building arrives at the new Adaminaby, and the waters of the new Lake Eucumbene begin to rise.

The St Kilda Esplanade on Boxing Day

from the historical The St Kilda Esplanade on Boxing Day (G)

This silent clip shows the St Kilda esplanade and foreshore on Boxing Day 1913. People relax on the grass, enjoy amusement rides at Luna Park and swim at the beach.

Controlled development

from the documentary Waterloo (PG)

In 1980 the government agreed to consult with residents before re-developing Waterloo. Tower blocks of Housing Commission buildings were already built but the remaining surrounding areas were subject to consultation. Local resident Margaret Barry and …

The last of the Mohicans

from the television program With Gentle Majesty (G)

The old 'bottle-oh’ has worked for seven days a week, year in and year out, collecting empties. He’s never used the whip on his mare and talks about her as though she is a …

The one day of the year

from the television program With Gentle Majesty (G)

The high point of the Melbourne Royal Agricultural Show each day is the Grand Parade. For this great moment each year, the workhorses are brushed, combed and groomed to take their place in the parade.

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