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Personal identity

The following clips have teachers’ notes related to this topic:

Fear of ageing

from the documentary Age Before Beauty (PG)

Women, both old and young, attending the International Women’s Day (IWD) march in Sydney in 1980, talk about how they feel about getting old.

Children’s birthday party

from the home movie Albion, Douglas: Children's Party (G)

This clip includes five-year-old Wally being picked up and hugged by his parents; an older man dressed as Santa Claus; children on a seesaw and playing ring-a-rosie; Wally being pushed on a swing by his …

Coming out to the family

from the television program Australian Story – Since Adam Was a Boy (PG)

This is a searingly honest moment in which Adam’s parents truthfully tell how they felt when Adam told them he was gay.

They had anticipated the continuance of the family name and a mess …

Belsen remembered

from the documentary Belsen For Example (M)

Max, an Australian survivor of Belsen concentration camp, is shown some photos taken at the camp for the first time. He recognises his brother in a photo and recalls life in the camp.

This child, Zita

from the documentary Beyond Sorry (G)

Aggie Abbott tells of how, when Zita returned to her mother after years of being absent, her mother said that her daughter was dead. Ron Wallace, Zita’s husband, talks about Zita’s experience of …

Back to country

from the documentary Beyond Sorry (G)

Zita is sitting on a stool feeding a poddy calf. In voice-over Aggie Abbott says most children who were taken away never returned to their country. Zita on the other hand has sought her family …

Performance at the Japanese disabled festival

from the documentary Big Bag's Japanese Adventure (PG)

The Big Bag Band performs ‘Hare Disco’ at the Japanese disabled arts festival. The Japanese audience is delighted.

‘Place of thunder’

from the documentary Bra Boys (PG)

This clip uses voice-over narration by Russell Crowe and a montage of etchings, drawings, photographs and video footage to chronicle the complex social and cultural history of the Maroubra area. It begins by describing first …

Broken heart, unsound mind

from the documentary Case 442 (G)

In reconstruction, in an overgrown field, an Aboriginal woman staggers through the lofty vegetation before falling to the ground. Frank, in voice-over narration, tells us that his mother’s heart and spirit were broken, and …

Coming out

from the television program Compass – The Cardinal's Cousin (PG)

A memorable moment for someone who is gay must be the moment they tell their family. Monica’s family are fantastic. As conservative Catholics they are shocked, but their love for their daughter shines through …

An open letter

from the television program Compass – The Cardinal's Cousin (PG)

Monica tells us why she felt obliged to make public her letter to her cousin, Cardinal George Pell, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Sydney. It’s a heart-rending appeal to a family member to treat …


from the short film Confessions of a Headhunter (PG)

Vinnie (Kelton Pell) is sitting beneath a tree in the park, sketching from an old photograph. Franky (Bruce Hutchison) approaches him with a photo of his own. In the photograph are both their mothers, who …

‘Swimmin’ … that’s for white fellas’

from the short film From Sand to Celluloid – Two Bob Mermaid (G)

Aboriginal kids cling to the fence that keeps them out of the pool area. In the pool, Koorine (Carrie Prosser) races a young girl (Megan Drury). They talk about being like Dawn Fraser and Esther …

‘What’s your name? What’s your father?’

from the feature film The Getting of Wisdom (G)

Laura (Susannah Fowle) arrives in the refectory at her new school, an upper class ladies’ college in Melbourne, carrying a cake made by her mother. She is frightened and alone. The deputy headmistress, Miss Chapman …

What have those little monsters been telling you?

from the feature film The Getting of Wisdom (PG)

Laura (Susannah Fowle) joins the other girls for an illicit midnight feast, with her cake and other supplies stolen from the kitchen. Maria (Sigrid Thornton) terrifies them with stories of what happens in childbirth. During …

‘Hiding behind a character’

from the documentary Gillies (PG)

Actor Max Gillies is a guest on Michael Parkinson’s show. The then Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, is also a guest. Gillies uses gestures, make-up and voice impersonation to pretend to be the real Bob …

The horrors of Hiroshima

from the documentary Green Tea and Cherry Ripe (G)

Masako Clarke describes her memories of leaving Hiroshima on a train in the early hours of 6 August 1945, the morning that the atom bomb was dropped on the city. Clarke recalls hearing a loud …

Between Japan and Australia

from the documentary Green Tea and Cherry Ripe (G)

This clip begins with Chiaki Foster speaking to camera about her love of bingo and poker machines. She is filmed playing bingo and heard in voice-over speaking about the friends she has made. Her daughter …

Facing the demons

from the television program If Only – Series 1 Episode 5 (PG)

Georgina was a state ward from the age of 3 until she was 14 years old, when she was sent as a domestic to work in a family until she turned 18. Her mother wouldn …

Looking for father

from the documentary Loved Up – Yellow Fella (PG)

We are introduced to Tommy E Lewis. Tommy speaks about his stepfather who raised him and loved him as his own, imparting Dreaming stories, and his white biological father, Hurtle Lewis, who was like ‘the …

‘There’s more to life than this’

from the feature film My Brilliant Career (G)

Sybylla Melvyn (Judy Davis) tells younger sister Gertie (Marion Shad) of her desire to escape a life of rural drudgery. Her frustrations increase when she’s sent to drag her father out of the pub.

‘I want to be a writer’

from the feature film My Brilliant Career (G)

Harry Beecham (Sam Neill) has waited two years for Sybylla (Judy Davis) to agree to marry. As drought grips the land again, he comes for an answer, but Sybylla explains why she cannot.

‘He’s not real … he’s typing!’

from the television program Noah and Saskia – Tomorrow Never Knows (G)

Babbling with excitement, Saskia (Hannah Greenwood) tries to explain Max Hammer (Cameron Nugent) to Renee (Emily Wheaton). Saskia is overwhelmed by the gorgeous Max, but who is he really, and where is he?

‘Everyone needs a drama’

from the feature film Oyster Farmer (PG)

Jack (Alex O’Loughlin) discusses love with Skippy (Jack Thompson), a Vietnam veteran who lives as a hermit on one of the many remote creeks in the national park. Skippy shows a glimpse of his …


from the documentary Rosie (PG)

Rosie is packing her bag to move out of the welfare house, and a young woman who is to take over her room is introduced to her. The young girl has the same last name …

Kate’s ambivalence

from the documentary So Simple, So Hard … (PG)

Kate is a single mother with a five-year-old son, Liam, seeking a life partner. Peter, a fireman, invites her and her son to visit his work place. Kate acknowledges that Liam is delighted but she …

Pressure to perform

from the documentary Spirit 2000: Countdown to Sydney (G)

Primary school girls compete to be chosen for the Australian gymnastics team. Pressure is on the young gymnasts as they train at the Western Australian Institute of Sport. The girls and coaches are interviewed in …

‘Mothers don’t give up their babies easily’

from the television program Touch the Sun – Princess Kate (G)

Kate visits a volunteer organisation to get help to locate her birth parents. Barry (Nick Enright) explains why there is so much secrecy around the details of adoption.

Fulfilling her father’s dream

from the television program Winners – Room to Move (G)

Carol (Nicole Kidman) is feeling the pressure from home to work harder on her training and her attitude towards competition. At dinner, Peter Trig (Terence Donovan) criticises her laidback approach to her last race, while …

They know about you

from the documentary You Have No Secrets (G)

Governments collect and process data for a range of reasons, including law enforcement, ascertaining voting trends and surveillance of citizens. Databanks exchange information to refine that information. The narration suggests that this may be a …

Target demographic

from the documentary You Have No Secrets (G)

Frank, a political direct mail consultant, shows how electoral rolls can be analysed to reveal particular demographic groups in an electorate. He says political parties can then more effectively target issues specific to particular groups.

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