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Multicultural Australia

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Violins not guns

from the television program The 7.30 Report - Orchestra Tunes In (G)

The Australian Chamber Orchestra under its leader, renowned violinist Richard Tognetti, has set up an outreach program for mentoring young teenagers. The musicians bring their music practice and music appreciation to a high school at …

The only Turk at school

from the documentary Always a Visitor (PG)

Thirty-year-old Kuranda recalls his time at school in Emu Plains in Western Sydney where he was the only Turk in a school of 900 pupils. He was called a 'wog’ and 'gobble, gobble’ (Turkey). He …

Effie in PNG

from the documentary Big Hair Woman (G)

Effie (Mary Coustas) is interviewed by the National Broadcasting Commission’s John Honani. Effie has brought her own self-congratulatory résumé that John reads out before they discuss the role of missionaries in Papua New Guinea.

Circumstances lead to a car accident

from the documentary Billal (PG)

Young Anglo-Australian Linc talks about how he was escaping from a potential attack when he accidentally ran down a young Australian-Lebanese man. He describes how, although he fears for his life, he sympathises with the …

Bullying at school

from the documentary Bitter Herbs and Honey (PG)

The new Jewish boy at school is bullied by two boys.

‘They became our sons as well’

from the television program Compass – Embracing the Enemy (G)

The rules of the Returned Servicemen’s League (RSL) originally stated that no group that had fought against Australia could march on Anzac Day. After many years and much persistence by Turkish Australians, the RSL ...

A truce at Gallipoli

from the television program Compass – Embracing the Enemy (PG)

Only a few weeks after the 25th April 1915 landing at Anzac Cove, the troops of both sides organised an unofficial truce in order to pick up their wounded, bury the dead and share a …

According to the Geneva Conventions

from the television program The Cowra Breakout (PG)

Corporal Stan Davidson (Alan David Lee) is still recovering from his war injury when he’s posted to the prisoner of war (POW) camp at Cowra. He assumes he’ll be guarding Italian prisoners. The …

Darwin streets and Chinatown

from the historical Darwin c1926 (G)

In this short clip, the camera observes part of Darwin’s town centre, main street and shopfronts. People walking along the footpaths under shopfront verandahs look at the camera. A Chinese family walks into one …

The taverna in the desert

from the television program The Food Lovers' Guide to Australia – Series 5 Episode 3 (G)

It’s the opening night of one of Australia’s most isolated restaurants. We’re at the new premises of the Greek Taverna owned by Anastasios and Maria Kiossos, known locally as Tom and Mary …

A new life in Australia

from the television program The Food Lovers' Guide to Australia – Series 5 Episode 6 (G)

Channa Dassanayaka is from Sri Lanka and came to Australia when his mother, who was a politician, thought that things were becoming too dangerous in Sri Lanka and sent Channa to Australia for his safety …

‘What’s your favourite car, Australia?’

from the advertisement General Motors Holden – Football, Meat Pies, Kangaroos and Holden Cars (G)

The ad features a montage of Australian outdoor scenes including the beach, sporting events (yachting, golf, cricket and football), the Australian flag and native fauna. These are intercut with 1970s Holden models. The advertisement employs …

Annual Greek picnic

from the home movie Gerakiteys: Greek Community Picnics (G)

This clip shows members of the Canberra Greek community on their annual picnic at Good Hope just outside of Canberra on 26 December 1949. Friends and relatives sitting in the shade lift their glasses and …

A surprise visit

from the television program Harp in the South (PG)

Sister Theopilus (Kirrily Nolan) and Sister Beatrix (Dinah Shearing), two of the teaching nuns from Roie’s old school have come on a surprise visit to see Roie. As they leave, Grandma (Gwen Plumb) appears …

A win at last

from the documentary The Hillmen: A Soccer Fable (PG)

The under-16 soccer team from Clifton Hill, Melbourne, claims its first win after many defeats.

Soccer assimilation

from the documentary The Hillmen: A Soccer Fable (PG)

Club secretary and under-16 manager Stan Stokes talks about the process of assimilation of all the team members of the soccer club. The boys come from Greek, Turkish and Vietnamese backgrounds.

A family dilemma

from the documentary Homelands: View from the Edge (PG)

The war has ended in El Salvador and the Robles family have some choices to make. While Maria has adapted well and has found a fulfilling job, her husband Carlos longs to return to El …

‘Welcome to Manila’

from the documentary In Limbo (G)

Linda Phillips, a volunteer law student from Australia, is met by Hoi Trinh, an Australian-Vietnamese lawyer at Manila Airport. Hoi has volunteered to help the Vietnamese boat people who are living in the Philippines as …

Refugee Studies Centre

from the documentary In Limbo (G)

Hoi Trinh is an Australian-Vietnamese lawyer. Oxford University has accepted him into one of the few academic courses dealing with refugees in the world. The clip shows Hoi in class with his teachers Professor Guy …

No kissing allowed

from the short feature Jewboy (PG)

Yuri (Ewan Leslie) helps his grandmother Minnie (Naomi Wilson) as she clears up in the kitchen. Her forearm has the tattoo given to those who were sent to concentration camps during the Second World War …

Promised bride

from the documentary The Joys of the Women (PG)

Kavisha Mazzella performs a song about an arranged marriage to a man in a 'faraway country’ – Australia. The song’s story is acted out music-video style in black and white.

Italy revisited

from the documentary The Joys of the Women (PG)

Kavisha Mazzella visits Italy to find traditional songs. She interviews musicologist Professor Ugo Vuoso about how the songs are recorded for posterity.

‘Nonna’s spy ring’

from the feature film Looking For Alibrandi (PG)

Josie (Pia Miranda) laments the lack of privacy in her life. Every afternoon she must visit her grandmother, Nonna Katia (Elena Cotta), where everything she does is already known, courtesy of Nonna’s network of …

Melbourne Chinese Orchestra

from the historical Melbourne Chinese Orchestra Selections (G)

This clip shows eight members of the Melbourne Chinese Orchestra performing at Efftee Film Studios in 1931. A stage curtain parts to reveal the orchestra on stage together with some Chinese props. After a wide …

Cuc Lam’s suitcase

from the documentary National Treasures – Cuc Lam's Suitcase (PG)

It may be just a small red vinyl suitcase but for Vietnamese refugee Cuc Lam it’s a symbol of a new beginning in a new country.

Painters and Dockers strike

from the documentary The Painters and Dockers Strike (G)

Over a ballad recounting the main events in the Painters and Dockers dispute, a montage of images sets the scene at the Garden Island docks. People with placards and signs enter an inner-city building.

In …

‘Chinese family dream’

from the documentary Reunion (PG)

When David Wang, a successful businessman, was elected to the Melbourne City Council in 1969, his wife recalls that they were sent newspaper cuttings from Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, all reporting his election. His …

Chinese emotion

from the documentary Reunion (PG)

David Wang was a successful Chinese businessman in Melbourne. His wife, Mabel, his son Chris and his daughter, Lisa recall the lack of demonstrated emotion in daily family life.

The opening of Murray 1 Power Station

from the sponsored film Snowy Hydro - Snowy 69 (PG)

The Murray 1 Project, in the Snowy Mountains Scheme, is officially opened by Prime Minister Harold Holt in July 1967.

A river to be turned

from the sponsored film Snowy Hydro – The Snowy Mountains Scheme (PG)

The first stages of the Snowy Mountains Scheme are detailed, from the survey and hydrology crews measuring river flows at the Snowy headwaters, to the Guthega project (the first project to be completed), now underway.

Forging a road

from the sponsored film Snowy Hydro – The Snowy Mountains Scheme (PG)

The early crews on the Snowy Mountains Scheme forge their way into the more formidable mountainous territory of the Snowy-Tumut Development.

Bernard Holtermann

from the documentary Some of Many: Germans in Australia (G)

Bernard Holtermann was a German migrant who arrived in Australia in 1858. In 1882 Holtermann found the largest gold nugget unearthed in the world at the time. He used his newly found riches to set …

South Sea Islanders cutting cane

from the historical South Sea Islanders Cutting Cane (PG)

This clip filmed in 1899 is one of the few pieces of footage of Melanesian labourers cutting cane in Queensland. The workers stack the cane onto a wagon while their supervisor keeps a watchful eye.

‘Your turn to shout’

from the feature film They're a Weird Mob (G)

Nino Culotta (Walter Chiari) gets a lesson in the language of drinking from a friendly Australian (Jack Allen) at the Marble Bar, a legendary Sydney watering hole. The barmaid (Anne Haddy) looks bemused.

‘Why don’t you go back to your own bloody country’

from the feature film They're a Weird Mob (G)

A drunken Anglo-Australian (Keith Petersen) abuses an Italian migrant family on a Sydney ferry. Nino Culotta (Walter Chiari) watches in discomfort.

‘A dago just the same’

from the feature film They're a Weird Mob (G)

Nino Culotta (Walter Chiari) comes to meet Harry Kelly (Chips Rafferty), father of Kay (Clare Dunne), the woman he wants to marry. Harry is a successful building contractor, who thinks his daughter can do better.

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