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A big boy for his age

from the feature film Alvin Purple (PG)

Sixteen-year-old Alvin Purple (Graeme Blundell) is chased through the streets by excited schoolgirls on bicycles. He finds refuge in the arms of Mrs Horwood (Jill Forster), wife of his teacher.

A completely animal nature

from the feature film Alvin Purple (PG)

In court, Dr Sort (Penne Hackforth-Jones) describes Alvin’s condition – satyromania – 'the male equivalent of nymphomania’. Alvin and girlfriend (Elli Maclure) argue with a disgusted taxi diver (Peter Cummins). Dr Sort’s lawyer (Jon Finlayson …

The last innings of Victor Trumper

from the newsreel Australasian Gazette – The Last Innings of Victor Trumper (G)

This newsreel footage shows part of the funeral procession of Australian cricketer Victor Trumper. A large group of men march in front of a horse-drawn vehicle carrying the casket of Victor Trumper as it approaches …

Secretaries and executives

from the sponsored film Australia Post – Onward Speed (G)

This segment addresses secretaries and executives and informs them of their responsibilities in the posting, receipt, sorting and delivery of mail.

Computer coding

from the sponsored film Australia Post – This is the Mail (G)

The Redfern Mail Exchange’s impressive new computerised mail sorting system is displayed. It illustrates data entry relating to each postal item entered.

Winning and losing

from the documentary Boys and Balls (PG)

Tears and triumphs follow the end of the game. Boys and men talk frankly about winning, losing and crying.

Raising children during the Great Depression

from the documentary Bread and Dripping (PG)

Four women recall the hardship of raising children during a period of mass unemployment. The government provided a 'baby bundle’ consisting of poor quality clothing.

Shanty town

from the documentary Bread and Dripping (PG)

Unemployed people were forced to build their houses out of scrap and discarded materials. They established a trading post where clothing was donated. Indigenous Australians were not able to receive the dole and were issued …

Picketing during the Great Depression

from the documentary Bread and Dripping (PG)

Timber bosses employed cheap 'scab’ labour to save money. The former employees picketed the mill. Women, led by the Militant Women’s Group (MWG), collected food and money and explained to neighbours the reason for …

‘Life’s a bugger’

from the feature film Caddie (M)

Caddie (Helen Morse) calls off her relationship with bookmaker Ted (Jack Thompson), after she is warned off by Ted’s steady girlfriend. At the boarding house where she lives, the landlord and his wife (Pat …

I’m my father’s son

from the television program Chequerboard Revisited – Episode 3: I Reckon I'm an Average Australian (PG)

Kevin is a working class bloke who likes his wife to be at home, caring for him. He’s honest enough to say what he feels about his wife’s new-found assertiveness. He doesn’t …

The past is another country

from the television program Chequerboard Revisited – Episode 3: I Reckon I'm an Average Australian (PG)

Kevin and Margaret were newly married with four young children when we first met them. It’s now 30 years later and many things have changed. The children have grown up and moved away, Kevin …

Before the revolution

from the television program Compass – Pregnant Pause (PG)

Four Australian women remember the world of their youth. They are from different backgrounds and cultures and yet for each of them the future meant finding Mr Right and settling down to raise a family …

An open letter

from the television program Compass – The Cardinal's Cousin (PG)

Monica tells us why she felt obliged to make public her letter to her cousin, Cardinal George Pell, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Sydney. It’s a heart-rending appeal to a family member to treat …

‘Served by discerning hostesses’

from the sponsored film A Day in a Biscuit Factory (G)

Wedding cakes, chocolate-coated biscuits and puddings are also produced at the biscuit factory. Tin containers, printed gift assortment tins and packaged boxes provide the final step in the process.

The electric Early Kooka stove

from the advertisement Electric Stove Cinema Advertisement: Banish Drudgery (G)

‘Mrs Sydney’ (Pat Firman) prepares an evening meal for her husband with her newly acquired electric range while a voice-over emphasises the stove’s economy and efficiency. At the end of the advertisement, she asks …

A fire emergency

from the documentary Fire Guardians (G)

Members of the NSW Fire Brigade tackle a blaze at a paper mill until the fire is brought under control. The smoking wreckage and the building’s shell is all that remains. As orchestral music …

First women’s union

from the documentary For Love or Money (G)

This clip talks about the conditions that led to the Melbourne Tailoresses Strike of 1882 to 1883.

Equal pay paradox

from the documentary For Love or Money (G)

This clip examines the situation for women in the 1930s Depression when many were forced to work as the men in their families were unemployed. Denied equal pay and still being paid piece-rate wages, women …

A very efficient secretary

from the documentary For Love or Money (G)

This clip looks at how women were brought back into the paid workforce to fill the lower paid positions as the economy boomed in the 1960s.

‘Holden’s got more horses’

from the advertisement General Motors Holden – Holden's Got More Horses (G)

A man walks out of a house and gets into his 1966 Holden HR sedan. We see a pack of galloping horses as the narrator describes the 'thundering power’ of the HR’s 145 horsepower …

Range of products

from the advertisement General Motors Holden – Range of Products (G)

In a suburban street, a woman driving a Holden pulls up to do her Saturday morning shopping. Other GMH cars, including a Vauxhall, Chevrolet and Pontiac, are shown. The woman enters a …

‘Saturday kind of car’

from the advertisement General Motors Holden – Saturday Kind of Car (G)

A paperboy delivers the Saturday newspaper in a suburban street. A man in his pyjamas waves to his wife as she leaves to do the weekly grocery shopping, taking her daughter and the family dog …

‘The time is now and the car is Holden’

from the advertisement General Motors Holden – The Time is Now (G)

A woman lies on a beach, dreamily relaxing under her hat. A Holden HR sedan is parked on the sand nearby. The woman runs to the car, which is filmed from different angles to show …


from the documentary Joe Leahy's Neighbours (G)

At a village meeting, two highlanders are bartering a 'bride-price’. On offer are pigs rather than money. The young girl and her family are given a choice to accept the boy and the bride-price or …

Processing peanuts

from the documentary Just Peanuts (G)

At the peanut processing plants, the peanuts come out of large roasting ovens to be aired and cooled. In the next phase, peanuts go through the blanching machine and have their husks removed. Women operators …

‘Menstruation blues’

from the documentary Lowering the Tone: 45 Years of Robyn Archer (PG)

Australian singer Robyn Archer performs the song 'Menstruation Blues’. 'I explore anything that I want to’, says Archer.

A new sisterhood

from the documentary Maidens (G)

In a montage of footage from 1970s feminist films, interlaced by narration and music, the clip proposes the notion of a new sisterhood.

An offer they can’t refuse

from the feature film Money Movers (M)

Henderson (Charles 'Bud’ Tingwell) offers Eric Jackson (Terence Donovan) a proposition – give him two thirds of the $20 million he’s planning to steal from Darcys counting house, or lose his toes, one by one …

‘You have a wildness of spirit’

from the feature film My Brilliant Career (G)

While staying with her well-to-do grandmother, Sybylla (Judy Davis) has a crisis about her looks. Her Aunt Helen (Wendy Hughes) tells her to stop looking in mirrors and tries to make her more feminine. Suitor …

Family album

from the advertisement Nestle's MILO Cinema Advertisement: Family Album (G)

John and his family are introduced through a real life family album. As the pages are turned, the voice-over tells the story of their lives. The first picture is of John as a young boy …

The joy of living

from the advertisement Nestle's MILO Cinema Advertisement: The Joy of Living (G)

To be bright and full of energy in the mornings, it is crucial to get a good night’s rest. A man who has a heavy dinner, reads horror books and tosses and turns all …

Leeton state fruit cannery

from the sponsored film Peach Growing and Canning in Australia (G)

A row of women halve and stone peaches, which are fed via conveyor belt into a peeling machine. Women sort the damaged fruit from the good fruit. Another machine grades the peaches which are packed …

Serving the troops

from the historical Red Cross Activities During and After WWI (G)

This clip shows a range of assistance and relief activities that the Red Cross undertook around the First World War including: preparing linen; serving tea and biscuits to troops; providing relief to convalescing soldiers; and …

Then came happiness

from the advertisement Rinso Soap Powder: Then Came Happiness (G)

Taking a narrative form, this advertisement from 1931 begins with Helen hanging out the clothes. Her daughter, Joan, brings her the mail and she opens an invitation to a bridge night which happens to be …

The wonders of Rinso

from the advertisement Rinso Washing Powder: A Bachelor Grey (G)

Henry is a bachelor who lives alone in a small apartment. He has a ‘lady help’ who does his cooking and cleaning but will not wash his clothes. Henry is a ‘natty dresser’. But because …

‘That’s the Rinso way’

from the advertisement Rinso Washing Powder: Easy Does It (G)

An opening credits sequence introducing the stars of Easy Does It is accompanied by a musical soundtrack. The first scene is at a grocery counter where a grocer (Dan Agar) attempts to sell a box …

‘30 million Matsuno-sans’

from the documentary Searchlight on Japan (PG)

This clip begins with scenes of traditional and civilian life in Japan. Matsuno-san, according to the narrator, is an educated civilian of 'good type and a family man’. He reads at home with his family …

‘Seven of them, and I’m only 20!’

from the television program Seven Little Australians (G)

The children are all trying to make it up to their father (Leonard Teale) after the dinner disaster, but unfortunately Bunty (Mark Shields-Brown) and Baby (Tania Falla) just make it worse. It’s all too …

‘You’ve got no right to object’

from the feature film The Trespassers (M)

Richard (John Derum) has arrived unannounced, and uninvited, at the house by the sea. He has not known until then of his wife’s new friendship with his lover. Neither woman gives him a warm …

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