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Australia and the USA

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Labor wins in 1972

from the documentary Allies (PG)

In a campaign speech, Bob Hawke pledges that an elected Whitlam government would stand-up to the US and other nations to openly declare when it believes a policy is wrong.

In separate interviews, former US …

Talisman Sabre

from the documentary Blowin' in the Wind (PG)

The clip details the relationship between Australia and the US regarding weapons testing. A 20-year memorandum of understanding signed between the US and Australia in 2005 allows the two countries to carry out exercises in …

‘Nothing to lose’

from the feature film Dirty Deeds (PG)

At Sydney airport, Barry Ryan (Bryan Brown) collects his nephew Darcy (Sam Worthington), who’s returning from his service in Vietnam. Barry introduces his crew – ‘Hollywood’ Riley (William McInnes) and Norm (Andrew S. Gilbert) – and …

US military in Philippines

from the documentary Dirty War (PG)

The US Clark Air Base in the Philippines was vacated after 45 years. A US army study found the area was polluted by solvents, acids, petrol and other toxic substances. Harry Kelso, environmental attorney and …

‘The Americans are coming’

from the documentary Dirty War (PG)

The US forces are to use Shoalwater Bay in central Queensland for a training base. Military officials say they are concerned about the environment and acting responsibly. Some locals are concerned about the pollution possibilities …

‘A warning to the world’

from the documentary Public Enemy Number One (PG)

Wilfred Burchett was the first journalist to report from the site of atomic devastation at Hiroshima, Japan, in 1945. He labelled the effect on human beings as 'atomic plague’. Archival footage shows victims being treated …

‘Our saviours have arrived’

from the documentary Secret Fleets (PG)

As the Battle Hymn of the Republic ('Glory, Glory Hallelujah’) plays on the soundtrack, the American submariners arrive secretly in Fremantle south of Perth, Western Australia. Though deemed 'secret’ everyone knew that the 'Yanks’ were …

‘The white man’s here, he’s here to stay’

from the documentary Strangers in Paradise (G)

As the tourists sit in their hotel room and watch a broadcast of the re-enactment of white settlement on television, they give their responses to what they are seeing. The most vocal of these is …

Training underwater

from the documentary Submariners (PG)

Commanding officer Steve Hussey conducts training exercises on board the Collins-class submarine HMAS Rankin. During these exercises, a real emergency engulfs the crew when a leaky exhaust valve fills the area with smoke.

Acoustic warfare

from the documentary Submariners (PG)

HMAS Rankin is taking part in Silent Fury, an exercise with the US Navy. The submarine must avoid detection and make it past 'enemy’ ships and helicopters to be victorious. Acoustic warfare specialists explain how …

The UNCIO Assembly

from the home movie Visit of Deputy PM Forde to UN Conference (G)

This is mute footage shot in the interior of the UNCIO Assembly during the 1945 conference in San Francisco.

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