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It’s war!

from the television program 1915 (PG)

The recruiting drive is on and throughout the bush there are more than enough young men willing to drop everything for the adventure of war. Billy (Scott Burgess) and Walter (Scott McGregor) have been waiting …

‘The occasional, odd chilled glass of amber fluid’

from the feature film The Adventures of Barry McKenzie (PG)

Aunt Edna (Barry Humphries) takes Bazza (Barry Crocker) to meet distant upper class relatives, the penniless and pompous Gorts. Sarah Gort (Jenny Tomasin) takes Bazza to a country ball, where he is constantly insulted by …

Birthday party

from the home movie Archibald Family: Family Scenes and Outings in Sydney (PG)

This clip, shot by the Archibald family, shows a little girl’s birthday party in the early 1930s. Girls, all dressed in white dresses and with bobbed hair, play 'Ring-a-ring o’ roses’ and 'Oranges and …

The media

from the sponsored film Australia Post – Royal Tour (G)

This clip shows the process by which the PMG must meet the needs of the media during Queen Elizabeth II’s 1954 royal tour.

‘The gentleman’s war is over’

from the feature film Breaker Morant (PG)

In a lonely, windswept hill camp, far out in the veldt, Captain Hunt (Terence Donovan) instructs Captain Taylor (John Waters) to execute Boer prisoners brought in by Morant (Edward Woodward). When Morant queries the order …

‘This is what comes of Empire building’

from the feature film Breaker Morant (PG)

Morant (Edward Woodward) and Handcock (Bryan Brown) march to their executions. Their lawyer, Major Thomas (Jack Thompson) lingers in their makeshift cell – which looks to be a stable – to consider the epitaph that Morant has …

Menzies home movies

from the documentary Canberra Files, The (PG)

This montage of clips from the Menzies Home Movie Collection features footage from Menzies’ wartime tour in 1941, including Tobruk, Palestine, Cairo, Jerusalem, Khartoum and England during the Blitz. It ends with close-ups of the …

The Duke of Gloucester’s opening speech

from the newsreel Centenary Celebrations of Melbourne, Victoria (G)

On the steps of Parliament House in Melbourne, the Duke of Gloucester delivers a speech on behalf of his father King George V, which declares the city’s centenary celebrations open. At the conclusion of …

The electric Early Kooka stove

from the advertisement Electric Stove Cinema Advertisement: Banish Drudgery (G)

‘Mrs Sydney’ (Pat Firman) prepares an evening meal for her husband with her newly acquired electric range while a voice-over emphasises the stove’s economy and efficiency. At the end of the advertisement, she asks …

Empire Day pageant

from the historical Empire Day Pageant (G)

The camera captures a group on a horse and carriage; a woman dressed as Queen Victoria; and various groups of children in costumes. Two girls are dressed as Britannia and other children appear as Indians …

‘White gold of Australia’

from the feature film Heritage (G)

The great granddaughter of Biddy O’Shea has flown to the Northern Territory station run by Frank Morrison, great grandson of James, to talk about their future together, but they disagree about his ‘prehistoric’ views …

Education and public health

from the documentary Land Short of People (G)

The voice-over describes Australia’s education and health services in positive terms. It mentions the challenges of educating children over Australia’s vast distances.

Children play in a sandpit in a playground; others play on …

Recreational activities

from the documentary Marvellous Melbourne: Queen City of the South (G)

This clip shows the Henley-on-Yarra regatta and celebrations; the agricultural showgrounds and ‘fair barrackers at a football match’. Each segment is introduced with an intertitle.

Melbourne city

from the documentary Melbourne Today (G)

This clip begins with a panoramic view from the Morehouse Tower of St Paul’s Cathedral looking south over the Yarra River to the Botanical Gardens and the War Memorial. It is followed by a …

Lord Denman, governor-general

from the historical Naming the Federal Capital of Australia (G)

This clip shows the governor-general Lord Thomas Denman arriving at the naming ceremony of Canberra. A royal salute is fired before Lord Denman lays a foundation stone.

Setting up camp

from the documentary The Official Film of the Mawson Antarctic Expedition (PG)

This piece of documentary footage, taken on Mawson’s Antarctic expedition between 1911 and 1913, shows Lieutenant Belgrave Ninnis and Dr Xavier Mertz setting up their tent. Another shot shows them lying in their reindeer …

Codenamed Marcoo

from the sponsored film Operation Buffalo – Colour Record (PG)

The explosion of Marcoo, one of the four nuclear fission bombs tested at Maralinga between September and October 1956.

‘Something to fall back on’

from the documentary A Personal History of the Australian Surf: Being the Confessions of a Straight Poofter (PG)

Michael’s father told young Michael that the world was divided into three groups, 'fools, crooks and gentlemen’. By deciding to be an artist (theatre director) young Michael fell into the fool category. His father …

Debutante ball

from the documentary The Queen Goes West (G)

Longreach’s debutantes are presented to the accompaniment of the bagpipe.

Beginning of The Rocks

from the documentary The Rocks: Sydney, Australia (PG)

This clip uses old paintings and engravings to trace the early history of the Rocks area from its inception.

‘Take time by the forelock’

from the documentary Skyway Express (PG)

This clip shows the first two minutes of the travelogue Skyway Express. It was produced in the late 1940s for exhibition in the cinema. It shows the start of a passenger plane journey to London …

A ride in the old bus

from the feature film Splendid Fellows (G)

Mr McBride (Frank Bradley) takes Monty (Frank Leighton) to Mascot to meet the ‘flying parson’ (Eric Colman). Sir Charles Kingsford Smith, playing himself, offers to take them for a joyride over Sydney.

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