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Violins not guns

from the television program The 7.30 Report - Orchestra Tunes In (G)

The Australian Chamber Orchestra under its leader, renowned violinist Richard Tognetti, has set up an outreach program for mentoring young teenagers. The musicians bring their music practice and music appreciation to a high school at …

‘I will survive’

from the feature film The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (PG)

Priscilla, the bus, has broken down in the desert. An Aboriginal man (Alan Dargin) invites the three drag artists to his nearby camp, where they put on an impromptu show. Everyone joins in, including a …

Dame Nellie Melba

from the newsreel Australasian Gazette – Dame Nellie Melba (PG)

This black-and-white silent story from an Australasian Gazette newsreel shows opera soprano Dame Nellie Melba accompanied by John Lemmone, Lady Pamela Vestey as a child and others, walking along the deck of the passenger liner …

Corporate image

from the advertisement Australia Post – We Deliver 1 (G)

This is an Australia Post television commercial (TVC) promoting the organisation’s new corporate image.

Papunya: a different world

from the documentary Beating About the Bush (PG)

The 'black and white urban band’ Djaambi arrives at the remote Aboriginal community of Papunya to find no audience, minor flooding and bleak housing conditions for the locals. The band hopes that their visit to …

Performance at the Japanese disabled festival

from the documentary Big Bag's Japanese Adventure (PG)

The Big Bag Band performs ‘Hare Disco’ at the Japanese disabled arts festival. The Japanese audience is delighted.

Wave Hill walkout

from the documentary Blood Brothers – From Little Things Big Things Grow (PG)

Kevin Carmody and Paul Kelly discuss the song 'From Little Things Big Things Grow’. They also discuss the Wave Hill walkout, when the Gurindji people – led by Vincent Lingiari – went on strike to get their …

Singing history

from the documentary Blood Brothers – From Little Things Big Things Grow (PG)

Carmody is flipping through records. He stops to examine a book. He tells us about the images from the book, of kangaroos and landscape drawn from within white sensibility. He shows us many images of …


from the newsreel Cinesound Review: That Mersey Sound: Beatles at the Stadium (G)

This clip begins with news footage of the Beatles standing on a balcony in Melbourne, waving to fans in the streets below. Paul McCartney plays with a boomerang and laughs with the crowd. The Beatles …

Dame Nellie Melba and her cockatoo

from the home movie Dame Nellie in the Mitchell Estate Garden, Lilydale (PG)

Dame Nellie Melba walks along the veranda of the house, puts up an umbrella and walks into the garden. She then dances and sings beside a cockatoo.

Musical paralysis

from the documentary Dance of Nature: The Music of Ross Edwards (PG)

Australian composer Ross Edwards went to London to study composition. He worked obsessively in a damp flat and began to feel claustrophobic, which affected his work. He moved to the countryside of Yorkshire in Northern …

‘The rustle of tropical palms’

from the documentary The Dance of the Eyes (PG)

In this 1940s travelogue we see a traditional dance of the Balinese women The Dance of the Eyes. We are told that it is rarely performed.

A tribute to Tamworth

from the documentary Doesn't Everybody Want a Golden Guitar (PG)

Townsfolk and visitors to the Tamworth Country Music Festival pay tribute to the town.

How to be a country music star

from the documentary Doesn't Everybody Want a Golden Guitar (PG)

Music professionals give advice about succeeding as a country music star.


from the documentary First Contact (PG)

Michael Leahy’s photographs and footage show the highlanders surrounding and looking at a gramophone (with a 1930s recording of ‘Looking on the Bright Side of Life’ playing on the soundtrack). In an interview, later …

What have those little monsters been telling you?

from the feature film The Getting of Wisdom (PG)

Laura (Susannah Fowle) joins the other girls for an illicit midnight feast, with her cake and other supplies stolen from the kitchen. Maria (Sigrid Thornton) terrifies them with stories of what happens in childbirth. During …

Blair’s marriage

from the documentary Harold (PG)

Dorothy Blair recalls how she met and fell in love with Harold. Mixed race marriage was unusual in the 1950s and both families objected. Dorothy’s sister Florence Trevail expresses her views on the marriage …

‘I can cope with that’

from the documentary Hephzibah (PG)

Concert pianist, Hephzibah Menuhin (1920-1981) and her brother violinist Yehudi Menuhin are backstage after a performance. Heirs to the Aspro fortune, Lindsay and Nola Nicholas meet them and within months Hephzibah marries Lindsay and Nola …

Promised bride

from the documentary The Joys of the Women (PG)

Kavisha Mazzella performs a song about an arranged marriage to a man in a 'faraway country’ – Australia. The song’s story is acted out music-video style in black and white.

Italy revisited

from the documentary The Joys of the Women (PG)

Kavisha Mazzella visits Italy to find traditional songs. She interviews musicologist Professor Ugo Vuoso about how the songs are recorded for posterity.

‘Menstruation blues’

from the documentary Lowering the Tone: 45 Years of Robyn Archer (PG)

Australian singer Robyn Archer performs the song 'Menstruation Blues’. 'I explore anything that I want to’, says Archer.

Melbourne Chinese Orchestra

from the historical Melbourne Chinese Orchestra Selections (G)

This clip shows eight members of the Melbourne Chinese Orchestra performing at Efftee Film Studios in 1931. A stage curtain parts to reveal the orchestra on stage together with some Chinese props. After a wide …


from the television program Message Stick – Arafura Pearl (G)

Kathy Mills talks about her children and the closeness of her family and the role music plays in it. Allyson Mills talks about how her father called their attention to different sounds and rhythms.

Saltwater Freshwater

from the television program Message Stick – Arafura Pearl (G)

This clip shows archival photographs of the family. Kathy Mills tells of meeting her husband David, and how music was an element that attracted her to her husband.


from the feature film Moulin Rouge! (PG)

Satine (Nicole Kidman) tells Christian (Ewan McGregor) she cannot afford to fall in love. Christian believes that love is everything.

What was this pain about?

from the short feature My Life Without Steve (G)

Liz affirms her commitment to love, but vows never to repeat (or at least try never to repeat) the experience of loss she has felt after the end of the relationship with Steve. She quotes …

‘Waltzing Matilda’ song sheet

from the documentary National Treasures – 'Waltzing Matilda' Song Sheet (PG)

The original handwritten score for 'Waltzing Matilda’ holds the story of a musical collaboration that created Australia’s national song.


from the documentary Outback Opera, La Boheme Tour (G)

The Australian opera is on tour with La Boheme. Musetta (Teresa La Rocca) sings one of the opera’s most popular arias from Act II. In it, she is trying to reignite her lover Marcello …

Going to the opera

from the documentary Outback Opera, La Boheme Tour (G)

The Australian opera is on tour with La Boheme. The conductor, Tobias Foskett, prepares before the performance. The cast dresses and puts on make-up. Audiences arrive at the theatre and taxi driver, Nicolaas Voorendt admits …

‘Am I mad enough?’

from the feature film Shine (G)

David (Noah Taylor) is now a star student at the Royal College of Music in London, and one of the candidates for the Concerto Medal. He proposes performing Rachmaninoff’s 3rd Concerto for Piano for …

The sound of music

from the feature film Son of a Lion (PG)

Niaz (Niaz Khan Shinwari) hears music and follows the sound to its source – a youth playing a traditional stringed instrument with great intensity. Niaz is transfixed. His uncle (Baktiyar Ahmed Afridi) rings his father (Sher …

What is culture?

from the documentary Warren H Williams, the stories, the songs (G)

Warren H Williams and John Williamson singing a song beneath the shadow of Uluru. Warren H Williams explains what culture means to him.


from the documentary Warren H Williams, the stories, the songs (G)

A 60 Minutes crew film Warren H Williams and John Williamson around a campfire as they sing a song about 1,000 feet of people having walked through this land. Warren collaborates with Ted Egan …

What is a conductor?

from the documentary The Young One: A Portrait of the Conductor Simone Young (PG)

Simone Young is seen conducting the opera Tristan and Isolde by Richard Wagner. Conductors Barenboim, Charles Mackerras and Norman Lebrecht author of The Maestro Myth, comment on Young.

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