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‘A lot of magic’

from the documentary Astonish Me, Graeme Murphy Choreographer (PG)

Assistant artistic director of the Sydney Dance Company Janet Vernon remembers meeting Tasmanian dancer Graeme Murphy when he first joined the Australian Ballet School as a young man. We see Janet and Graham working together …

‘The rustle of tropical palms’

from the documentary The Dance of the Eyes (PG)

In this 1940s travelogue we see a traditional dance of the Balinese women The Dance of the Eyes. We are told that it is rarely performed.

Ballet outdoors

from the documentary Diaries of Vaslav Nijinsky (PG)

A Nijinsky ballet is performed in the forest.

Starting to happen

from the television program Message Stick – Wayne’s World (G)

Wayne Blair talks about his experience as an actor and the roles that are offered to him as an Aboriginal man.

Les Presages

from the home movie Monte Carlo Russian Ballet. Original Ballet Russe (G)

In the final scenes from Léonide Massine’s symphonic ballet Les Presages, dancers from the Ballets Russes du Monte Carlo move frenetically across the stage, performing a series of strange gestures and jutting arm movements …

Tamara Toumanova

from the home movie Murray-Will, Ewan: Ballet Russes in Australia (G)

Filmed in slow motion, Tamara Toumanova, wearing a green and black swimsuit, performs a series of leaps and poses on the sand at Bungan Beach.


from the home movie Murray-Will, Ewan: Ballets Russes: Petrouchka: Carnaval: Aurora's Wedding (G)

Three puppet figures – the Moor (Thadee Slavinsky), the Ballerina Doll (Helene Kirsova) and Petrouchka (Leon Woizikovsky) – suddenly come to life and dance onto the stage. They perform a Russian-style dance amongst the crowd at the …

‘I want to dance with you’

from the feature film Strictly Ballroom (PG)

Scott (Paul Mercurio) dances alone while Fran (Tara Morice) watches from a hidden vantage point. She tells him that she likes his rule-breaking style and wants to partner him at the Pan Pacific championships.


from the feature film Strictly Ballroom (PG)

At the Pan Pacific championships, Doug Hastings (Barry Otto) starts a handclap in support of son Scott (Paul Mercurio) and his partner Fran (Tara Morice). Scott and Fran give a thrilling exhibition of their rule-breaking …

Thirty years

from the documentary Willigan's Fitzroy (G)

Over shots of the town of Fitzroy Crossing, Willigan tells us that the Indigenous population have been employed in the CDEP or working for the dole scheme for nearly 30 years. We see people working …

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