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Dad and Dave from Snake Gully – Episode 1 1937

The first episode of the long-running Dad and Dave radio show from 1937.

Menzies Speech: Declaration of War 1939

The announcement by Prime Minister Menzies in 1939 that because Great Britain has declared war upon Germany, Australia is also at war.


Curtin Speech: Japan Enters Second World War 1941

In a broadcast to the nation, Prime Minister John Curtin announces that Australia is now at war with Japan.

Ken Howard Calls the Melbourne Cup 1941

A 1941 recording of famous sports broadcaster Ken Howard calling the Melbourne Cup.

Dame Enid Lyons: Maiden Speech 1943

Enid Lyons, the first woman elected to the House of Representatives in Australia’s federal parliament, reads her maiden speech for radio broadcast.

Senator Dorothy Tangney: Maiden Speech 1944

A recording of the first woman elected to the Australian Senate reading her maiden speech.

Theme From ‘Blue Hills’ 1949

This is the theme from the long-running ABC radio serial Blue Hills (1949–76).


Smoky Dawson and the Singing Bullet 1955

Smoky Dawson rescues his young friend Billy from two villains in this classic episode of the Smoky Dawson radio show.


In the Head the Fire 1966

This radiophonic piece written by composer Nigel Butterley in 1966 won the prestigious Prix Italia and set a benchmark for radio in Australia.

Lionel Rose Wins the World Title 1968

In this radio broadcast from 1968, we hear Indigenous Australian boxer Lionel Rose declared a world champion.


Cyclone Tracy 1974

Journalist Mike Hayes describes the trauma experienced by the people of Darwin post-Cyclone Tracy, 1974.