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Title Year Cast Crew Production

Compiled from australianscreen, National Film and Sound Archive, The Internet Movie Database and Tony Harrison, Australian Film and TV Companion (2nd Ed), 2005. February 2010

Al Daff 1975Interviewerdocumentary
The Kurnell Story 1957Producer, Directordocumentary
Haven on the Hill 1956Producerdocumentary
Music in Our Schools 1954Directordocumentary
Overland Adventure: The Story of the 1954 Redex Reliability Trial 1954Producer, Directordocumentary
Tough Assignment 1954Producerdocumentary
South Pacific Playground 1953Producer, Directordocumentary
Australian Bushland Symphony 1952Producer, Directordocumentary
Fighting Blood 1951Producerdocumentary
Thrill of the Surf 1949Producer, Directordocumentary
Searchlight on Japan 1948Producerdocumentary
Smithy 1946Director, Writer of original materialfeature
First Victory Loan: Return Journey 1944Producer, Directoradvertisement
Australia Marches with Britain 1944Producer, Directorsponsored film
Fourth Liberty Loan: I Had A Son 1943Producer, Directoradvertisement
Give Us This Day 1943Producer, Directoradvertisement
South-west Pacific 1943Producer, Directorsponsored film
100,000 Cobbers 1942Producer, Director, Writersponsored film
Eleventh Hour 1942Producer, Directordocumentary
Kokoda Front Line! 1942Producer, Directornewsreel
Anzacs in Overalls 1941Producer, Directordocumentary
Road to Victory 1941Directorsponsored film
Dad Rudd, MP 1940Producer, Directorfeature
Ants in His Pants

AKA Come Up Smiling

Gone to the Dogs 1939Producer, Directorfeature
Mr Chedworth Steps Out 1939Producer, Directorfeature
The Broken Melody 1938Producer, Directorfeature
Dad and Dave Come to Town 1938Producer, Director, Writer (story)feature
Let George Do It 1938Producer, Directorfeature
Tall Timbers 1937Producer, Directorfeature
Lovers and Luggers 1937Producer, Directorfeature
It Isn't Done 1937Producer, Directorfeature
Thoroughbred 1936Producer, Directorfeature
Orphan of the Wilderness 1936Producer, Director, Animal trainerfeature
Grandad Rudd 1935Producer, Directorfeature
The Silence of Dean Maitland 1934Producer, Directorfeature
Strike Me Lucky 1934Producer, Directorfeature
Cinesound Varieties 1934Directorhistorical
The Squatter's Daughter 1933Producer, Directorfeature
Ghosts of Port Arthur 1932Producer, Directordocumentary
On Our Selection 1932Director, Writerfeature
That's Cricket 1931Directordocumentary
The Exploits of the Emden

Australian scenes only

1928Producer, Director, Writerfeature